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Yahoo deactivated My EMail Account!

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    This is kinda funny. You will buy vbulletin, but you're too cheap to buy and use a firewall and AV software?

    You got exactly what you put into yahoo! back....Nothing.

    I wouldn't be bragging about running my business on a yahoo account.
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      Originally posted by chrispadfield
      Getting an account at your own domain is so cheap I can't understand why anyone leaves something as important as email to a company that provides it for free. The amount of these free email sites that have come and gone, changed names etc I would never trust them.
      My first freebie email account was with, which offered "free lifetime e-mail", which only lasted a few years. On top of that, many places block access to yahoo mail and hotmail and storage limits are low.


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        Take a look at this article


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          What's annoying is that you can't back up emails with most of web based email companies without paying a stupid POP/SMTP fee.

          Hotmail is a small exception, but you gotta use Outlook Express/Outlook
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            I've been using yahoo paid e-mail service for around 6 years. Their paid service began much later though. So, it's about 4 years for free service and 2 years for paid service. They've been fine to me at least. I do make backups of important e-mails though.


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              yahoo deactivate my yahoo id

              .i just want to know why yahoo deactivate my id. [email protected] Plz tell me can i get it back and also tell me reason why my yahoo id is deactivated.

              Originally posted by peelbacks
              Yahoo deactivated my account as well. No warning. No reason. Just POOF! One hour I'm able to get in... the next, NOT.

              The biggest problem is.... I can't access my Yahoo Group with over 5,700 members!!! My group will just DIE without an owner. What the hell am I suppose to do now??

              I feel so helpless, violated, and basically SCREWED by Yahoo.

              I've written to the numerous forms for Yahoo regarding my "issue". No reply. Nobody will contact me. I'm just screwed.

              If anyone has any ideas of what I can do... Please share!
              Has anyone got their email back once it was deactivated??
              Please email me... HELP!
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                Ask Yahoo.
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                  Yahoo does allow you to pay for their e-mail service though.
                  I've had a paid yahoo e-mail address ever since I've known how to use the intenet. That's about 7 or 8 years.
                  But when I had my account deactivated, it was able to reactive the account in only few hours after e-mailing them. And, yes, I have a paid account.
                  I am paying 9 dollars yearly although it is now 19.99 yearly. I guess my price is frozen.
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                    Ouch. Sorry to hear about that, I feel bad about whats just happened. I get around 25 email's a-day, there all very inportant, if anything like that happened to me, I wouldn't know what to do.

                    I hope you get this sorted.


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                      Um, guys -- this thread is nearly 3 years old...
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                        I've been lazy -- I really need to get my own domain name for email.
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                          Ah well, its happened to me to with gmail. somone mail bombed me and I got suspended. Best use your [email protected] in future


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                            Maybe some spam mail set off a red flag? Or someone sent you something bad out of spite. Who knows...


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                              Please read thoroughly... select your local Yahoo! TOS:

                              Yahoo! United States - Terms of Service

                              Yahoo! United Kingdom & Ireland - Terms of Service

                              Yahoo! Australia - Terms of Service

                              Yahoo! Germany - Terms of Service

                              Yahoo! Hong Kong - 雅虎香港 - 服務條款 (Terms and Conditions)

                              No matter what language, the Terms of Service will say the same thing.

                              Should you not speak any of the listed languages above, please contact Yahoo.


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