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Dialup BBS Memories...

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  • Freddie Bingham
    I remember using my speedy 300 baud modem on my C64 (1987), then my speedy 1200 baud modem on my c128. I ran several BBS's off of my c128 @ 1200 and 2400 baud. I didn't have a non commodore until 1993 and boy did I despise ALL IBM bbs's as they were so stodgy and boring. At that point I was in college and left bbs's behind for the internet and my free dialup account.

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  • bmurray
    started a topic Dialup BBS Memories...

    Dialup BBS Memories...

    This age topic reminded me of the old dialup BBS many of you out there remember spending hours and hours on end as your brand new high speed 2400 baud modem ripped through them ANSI graphics?

    I used to run a BBS in high school, running a hacked up version of the WWIV software. I was never good at ANSI graphics, but doing code hacks on the software is how I learned to program in C. (I'm not that good, but managed to get a few custom mods to work) My favorite memory of those days is that throughout all the BBSes in the area, you got to know the people that participated pretty well.

    I finally gave all that up in 1993 when I had my first internet account and couldn't afford the cost of running a BBS and paying for internet access. (At the time an internet dialup account was expensive because the demand was low since it was all text based, and hadn't been commercialized yet)

    So who here remembers the old BBS days, and what are your favorite memories? Oh, and what was your handle? I used to go by "The Caped Avenger" (from Garfield)...cheesy I know, but I was young =)

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