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    I quite liked apples - i think in the 3 years I had my A5000 it crashed twice. I remember I used to just pratice typing while i was waiting for it to start up most times. When i went to a friend to use his pc one i tried the same thing, I found it hard to believe he put up with a computer that would just freeze the whole time
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      Talk about Sparking memories... My BBS/Web Site just turned 10 on Thanksgiving day. I started out late in the BBS era, running a 3 line version of Oracomm Plus. Perhaps the coolest part about that software was the chat, you could have as many public and private "chat rooms" as you wanted. In private chat you could see the other person typing letter by letter (and even type with them to totally mess with their head!). I miss many things about the old BBS but I also welcome many things these web-based forums have to offer.

      The one thing that I really miss is the tight integration that BBS's offered. With Oracomm for example one could call another member into chat no matter where on the system he/she was...
      Or how about the multi-player games where you could (if you had the lines) have 3-4 people all playing the same game with or against one another, no special gaming servers required. I also being able to see exactly what the user was seeing, I could literally "peek" into a users session and see exactly what they were seeing, if a user was having difficulty with part of the system I could help them along much more easily...

      These are things that I sorely miss on the web. If I could get a hold of the source code for that old software I would certainly consider adding a telnet-vB gateway. Unfortunately the author passed on several years ago taking with him the source code as far as anyone knows.. - Hosting, Software, WHMCS Addons, and whole lot more.
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