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Red Hat intros 12 month only support on 'consumer' OSes

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  • Red Hat intros 12 month only support on 'consumer' OSes

    Red Hat has quietly introduced its own approach to end-of-life, and compared to this, Microsoft's idea of an upgrade cycle looks pretty sedate. As of the release of Red Hat 8.0, the company is only guaranteeing errata maintenance for the 12 months following a product's release.

    Linux release cycles are of course pretty fast, and Linux is either free or cheap, depending on whether or not you feel the need to add to your manual pile. However, if Linux is being used in a commercial environment then IT managers are not going to be particularly enthusiastic about even the possibility of having to upgrade to a new version every 12 months. Red Hat's current death list EOLs RH 7.1-8.0 at the end of this year, while 6.2 and 7.0 get theirs as of the end of March.
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    It's not only a matter of adding to the manual pile. It's a matter of getting $60 ripped off for damned support! The hell I went through and the idiots I dealt with is certainly enough to discourage anyone from starting up on RH. I use FreeBSD when I can...I will never install another RedHat product. (Note if your read the attachment: I don't use W2K Server anymore...ran too slow):
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      I believe the higher-end products (like Advanced Server) will have a 3-year lifespan, but I agree -- that's still too short. I have clients who are still running their networks on Windows NT and Windows 95.

      It's going to come across as mean to require an upgrade every 1-3 years if you want to continue to get support.
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        Don't know what the big stink is. They can't provide support to all versions indefinitely. You get the OS for free... what else do you want?
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          Originally posted by bigmattyh
          You get the OS for free... what else do you want?
          I think the issue is that Red Hat markets itself to big business, selling support for the OS at high rates ($800/year per copy of Advanced Server, I think).

          Lots of businesses don't want to be forced to upgrade on a regular cycle, and many times it can take years to verify that a particular OS is stable enough and sufficiently compatable with all your apps before you actually push out the install. I did some contracting work for a phone company who were finally deploying NT 3.51 even though you couldn't find anyone to sell it to you if you were an individual.

          Hell, I have a bank I've done work for that's still running OS/2 Warp on their desktops, and I've worked on a billing system in a hospital that was limping along on a custom DOS app running DOS 3.1 (this was last year ). Lots of businesses approach change with a high degree of caution; this move may very well scare a number of them off.
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