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  • Now Open!###

    Just wanted to announce that is now open!

    The site is for web designers or those interested in general forum development, marketing, administration, moderation and more!

    Please stop by and post what you think of my site...Dont worry, the register button doesnt bite!

    Thanks in advance,

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    Nice looking forums ya got there

    I might register in a bit.


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      Part of your board deals with admin stuff, why not direct them to ?

      But yeah, I still think you forums look awesome.


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        EDIT: on a side note, I love that avatar thing at the top - looks cool
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          Ah, nice idea! Thank you for letting us know. Registeres in a bit! Ofcourse, feel free to register on mine too


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            Oh well while we're saying "register at mine" I'll go ahead and add mine in there, register at mine as well, folks! (links are in sig)


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              Ok, I registered as xiphoid. (also on Radon3k's site)


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                Cool, off to yours I go


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                  Nocturnix, please fix your signature - it is in violation of the rules.



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                    K its fixed, thanks for registering guys...I will drop by your forums and register when i get the chance sometime later today.
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                      Originally posted by nocturnix
                      K its fixed, thanks for registering guys...I will drop by your forums and register when i get the chance sometime later today.
                      No problem
                      and thank you.


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                        Suggestion: make the highest-up forum on forumhome
                        --filburt1, moderator
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                          Great site, looks great and all that.

                          But it's just too pigeon-holed for me. Way too many boards given it's age.

                          When boards break up off topic chat it really irks me. Like when I see a General Chat board, then a Introduce Yourself board, then a Music board, then a TV board, then a Movies board etc etc I have a feeling that no matter what board I look in, I'm going to see a bunch of "moved" posts, and I really don't want that kind of pressure when I'm posting.

                          Not that your site has those boards exactly, but it is really pigeon-holed.



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                            K thanks for the feedback filburt and paul, I will consider both...I know I have a ton of forums for such a young site...but It's a very broad topic, which I hope will be a good thing in the future.
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                              "Professional forum surfer"

                              Lol, never knew that was something you could be a professional at. :P
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