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When is an announcement spam?

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  • When is an announcement spam?


    Just opened a new forum and have thought about the idea of spreading the word with a short announcement on more established forums. Is this a no no?

    me needs more users!


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    It depends.

    Does the forum in which you want to place your ad say 'no spam or ads'? Do they have a special forum for ads?

    Or - More importantly, do other people post ads on the forums?


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      It's a no-no on most forums, unless they have a special forum for posting web-links. Even then, there may be rules to do so (eg. on my site you need at least 15 posts before you can do that).
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        99% of the time that is regarded as SPAM. - blog - forums - supplements


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            The way I see it, if you're an established member of a larger forum, and people know you, and you contribute to the community in some way, I don't think making an announcement is a problem. But if you just show up and start hawking your site to everyone and no one knows you, then you're spamming.
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              ask the moderator of the board you want to post at


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                If people have a special forum for advertising, then go ahead and post it. Me personally, I have a strict policy on spamming. I have a special forum for advertising. If people choose not to use it and spam my forums instead, then I censor out their URL without a warning. So be careful when posting your URL, otherwise your URL might end up getting censored and if it gets censored on a big forum like webhostingtalk or something, then it could end up hurting you more in the long run.
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                  I did write a hack a few weeks ago, that allows you to set the minimum number of posts a user has to make before they can post a URL. Works for my site. I posted it in, if anyone is interested.
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                    and I thought it would be easy

                    thanks for your input...I guess its quite obvious when you're spamming. What about forums that are unrelated - for e.g. mine is on soccer, so if I posted a polite notice on say a video gaming site, would that be just as rude?



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                      It is good to have your forum URL in your signature / profile this way you can get some extra visitors / members.

                      For example, see mine


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                        Google gives me most of my hits. Pick a good domain name, good forumhome page title, put a small link in all the forums you visit (signature), and they will come
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                          If you posted an announcement...

                          on my board without asking first, you'd get cancelled and a warning. Had too many people try to jump sites off my back to go through that.

                          If you asked me first, and it made sense to me...that'd be different. I do not like people trying to subvert my community.

                          A small (note: small!) sig for a non-commercial site might slip through. If it even smelled like an advertisement, it'd get removed.

                          Be above boards with the mods you deal with. If you're a good guy and a positive contributor to sites, people will come.
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