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  • Grah @ annoying users!

    we have a few users who are semi-popular by the community.

    Those users, however, don't like the admins / mods in our communities, and do everything they can to push us into being pissed off, hinting at the fact that they'll be banned for a certain post or so all the time.

    Now, normally, I wouldn't hesitate to ban them, since they're more or less annoying all my staff etc.

    To make things worse, they've opened a forum now, and they have a thread or two where they only talk **** about us etc - basically pushing us far enough to ban them.

    The thing is, if we ban them, they'll go on a "told you so!"-posting spree, and there's bound to be a bunch of users who get pissed off when some of their friends are gone.

    I'm not quite sure wtf I want to do about the whole thing, but I need to do something soon.. thoughts? ideas?
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    Don't let then control you. If their activities violate your forum rules that they persist in them, then ban them. The members you lose because of this are not worth keeping anyway.
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      I've been through exactly this.

      It will be hard to explain why people were banned for things they said at another website but it will pay off in the end.


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        aye, but that's the annoying thing.. they do what they can to keep themselves on the "right" side of the law, and "unjustified" bans aren't too popular

        i suppose i could always add a clause or two to the rules though
        My open eyes see everything, and you see nothing. . .
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          You have to be consistent with the rules. No matter who breaks the rules, even if it's a popular member, you need to enforce them. Otherwise, the rules become meaningless. I would just ban these guys. Remember, it's YOUR forums, not theirs.
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            You're the admin. You can do what you wish.

            My situation was worse. I had a few moderators that were very popular with a lot of posters. They were members at another website and did a lot of pot stirring.

            A few people advised me against banning them because people shouldn't be punished on one site for what they did on another.


            You pay the rent, it's your property, you made the website and you can close the doors at any time.

            Banning them might cause a small backlash of trolling on your site but you will feel 1000 times better, and people that actually can contribute to your community will appreciate the fact that you run a place that isn't allowed to just run wild.

            The quantity may go down for a period of time, but the quality will turn bringing in a new batch of posters.

            Toss the trash out and you'll be much happier.


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              Unless they pay the vB license fee, hosting, and domain registration costs, they have no right to break the rules.
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                I had to ban someone for almost the same reason, though, it was a little more complicated than that. The guy constantly made bad topics and bad-mouthed the moderators, so we closed his topics and such, and warned him. He kept persisting with the bashing of mods, and made a topic about how the board sucked. All of my members went against him to his suprise since he had a good history with most of them, and he got mad and made some personal attacks on some members, which forced me to ban them. Anyway, he was a member on some other boards and sent over 30 people to spam us and such, and a few did, but it actually turned out that atleast 20 of the people sent over really liked the place and now they post actively at my site instead. So it kind of all worked out great.

                Enough about my story, though, if this has persisted on your site then definately go for the ban. It may seem like the unpopular decision, but it will pay off in the end I'm sure.


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                  We've had a similar thing. Due to the nature of some of the things going on in motorsport at the moment, some members would often come on the board with the sole purpose of 'trolling'.

                  It got to the point where in one partular forum there was no discussion of the subject matter, only trolls!

                  One of our moderators got tough on them all and threw a good lot of them out. Another board started up with the sole purpose of bashing this particular series and a lot of the trouble makers went over there.

                  Of course there were comments that this board was better than ours because certain members weren't posting here any more. What they failed to consider is that the reason they weren't posting is that we've banned them!
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                    okidoki, it's as if you're telling my story and not your own, I could just quote your post and it would be my story...We had a popular member who got banned for breaking rules and backlashed by making another forum which consisted of just some of my forum's members posting there from time to time, the board was gone a week later.

                    Then he opened a new forum once again, still as revenge, and it is open now with all its members members of my forum once again and i don't understand what kind of revenge it is because it isn't hurting me?


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                      Been at this a while...

                      Several years ago, I had very similar circumstances. A guy came in, started posting a lot, got a bunch of stuff going...then quietly set up his own board, and emailed every one of my users.

                      We weren't using vBulletin at the time and he started a lot of griping about our software and how we were too slow to change. Built up a strong undercurrent of resentment, which he then turned to his advantage.

                      One morning I logged on to find a bunch of email from friends forwarded to me about the "New Partner site to *********.com" Went to my forum and it was all over there, too.

                      We cancelled his threads, put up a note that we had no affiliation with him, and he started posting that we were restraining his free speech (which by the way was costing us money...).

                      The guy was a real jerk and eventually, everyone else figured that out. Now he's got a forum with next to nothing for posts and he's unwelcome at just about all the forums in our particular area of interest.

                      Definitely stick to the rules. You make them for a reason. If necessary, explain to your posters when someone get's in trouble (without making them look bad - punish in private, reward in public). Our general policy now is offending posts get cancelled, you get a friendly email warning you. Most of our posters will email right back and apologize...those that don't, well, we watch them closely. Any second occurence and they get banned for a month. Habitual offenders get the death sentence. They are added to everyone's (accept their own and mine) ignore list, where they are free to post to their hearts content. Only I see them...and I laugh.

                      You spend too much time building your site and your community to let some s.o.b. co-opt it.
                      Mark Cahill
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                        Well, the thing is, if they annoy you, then I'm sure they annoy other people too. Let them go unpunished, and it may (will) have a bad influence, causing little flame wars, or worse, causing good people to decide to move away.

                        You're interest is not with a few idiots. It's with the community you run. Whack 'm. You may be surprised to get a shoulder pat here and there instead of comments about unjustified banning.


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                          Re: Grah @ annoying users!

                          Originally posted by okidoki

                          I'm not quite sure wtf I want to do about the whole thing, but I need to do something soon.. thoughts? ideas?
                          Send them to my board. They will fit in very well... Or you can 'dare' them to get banned from my board. That should work!


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                            ROFL @ Strike
                            I'm tempted

                            anyway, thanks for all the above, guys.
                            bans are in place, and the lazers are no longer set for stun (tuned to kill, next time )

                            i just hope they'll realize that arguing & rebelling on the net is meaningless
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