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    Since I have you guys ...what would be best...the articles that I am posting for content on other sites, or news that is exclusive to my site?

    I cannot really do the latter because of bandwidth...meaning, its just me and this is not full time.

    Any thoughts would be great.

    I have posted polls, posted news articles, posted events...and I know its been a week, but can I expect anyone to start replying? I have asked throughout the site for becoming active and have put together the 'New Members - Getting Started....' piece.

    Only a week...I know


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      My site isnt massive but I do have a decent amount of regular posters. Before I even considered building a website I was a member of a large community and when I built my site, I just stuck a link in my signature and some people followed me over.

      While I dont suggest you spam any other boards ( ) you could try registering and posting places while having the link in your sig. As long as the posts you make at other places are not "Hey look at my site!" nobody will even know what you are doing.

      Dont expect hundreds of members straight away though. People are unlikely to click on a newbies link so try and get to know the people.

      Other than that try spending thousands and thousand of pounds/dollars/whatever on a TV advert.


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        Link exchanges with similar sites is a good way. I started my site last November (on ezboard!). Moved to vBulletin in March and been steadily growing since.

        Content is the other key. When I look at new sites I don't always sign up to the forums unless there's something that I'm interested in.

        Add you link to your signature and join similar forums and join the discussions, but don't spam as you'll get a bad reputation.

        Good luck