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So how do you guys do it? ;-)

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  • So how do you guys do it? ;-)

    I was wondering.. Do you guys advertise? Or how do you get the hits you are? Is it word of mouth or are you doing something? Just was wondering because I am getting a fourm up and running and was wondering how to get the traffic..


    DD signing off.

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    well you probably heard this before, but most popular forums get their traffic from promoting through their already established web sites.

    it's alot easier directing regular repeat visitors from my web sites to my forum - i have several anime sites of mine linking to the 1 anime forum and that builds up the traffic and not to mention the increase 'link popularity' for the forums in search engines

    not so much a traffic building tips but more about retaining those visitors was posted by me at

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      I started completly from scratch and it is not easy. What did i do?

      1) Competitions. I gave away a couple of dvds for people who got 500 posts in a set amount of time.

      2) Assigned moderators. Once people feel they are part of the board, ie have some control they post more and tell their friends.

      3) Make it very easy to signup .. par example.

      4) Send out email newsletters bringing them back. List popular discussions.

      5) Get people on your side at the forum, try and help them spread the word.

      6) Recipriocal links

      7) I set up a banner exchange which helps although even at 2,500 impressions per day the signup ratio is bad.

      8) advertising. Half my visitors come from here. (and now they are on lycos, altavista ... etc)
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        We just hang out and wait for another revolution on another board - we seem to get the carnage.

        The one thing going against our forum is that their is more sports competition out there than you would beleive. But we in two months have risen to one of the better known in the fantasy sports business. The one thing we do is business a bit differenty than most places, we are pretty much a no holds barred forum - that turns off many a potential regular - but I just refer those users to check out one of the fanhome boards as they are what they are looking for.

        Again I do have the advantage of having a well known site (well it is in the fantasy football community) to work with as a beginning point.


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          Yep, the well established site works wonders for bringin' 'em to the boards. At Hystersisters, there was established traffic when Kathy started the message board. It's also why EZboard freaked when we moved to UBB...we were one of their biggest boards even though we'd only been there 3 months. We're unsure of where exactly all the traffic is coming from but word of mouth and search engines are the only thing we depend on to get traffic...and we get it. Last night, there were 65 users on the boards...and this from a VERY specific surgical recovery site. We get almost 1000 new registrations a month. They don't all stick around, but most come back at least a few times. (Average stay, I'd say, is about 2 months with about 2000 unique users a day.)


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            Print, print, print advertising for our main site (of which are community is a part of) - online advertising has proven to be a big waste for us!


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              Hey Me2Be - why don't you have any advertising on the OUH site? Surely you get 1,000,000+ monthly pageviews?

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                Actually, the OUH site is only two weeks old! We will probably be doing some advertising for our commerce store once I make up some new banners!

                We don't sell any advertising on any of our sites - all banner slots are using for promoting our commerce site (and one of our partners).

                I guess we are unique that way


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                  Then how do you pay for the site? Is it all financed by your e-com sales?

                  "The dot-com bust has cleared out the carpetbaggers and left the Internet to those who really care about it"
                  - Jon Ippolito, new-media curator, Guggenheim Museum


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                    yep Our commerce site supports everything


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