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    How's this for a story about banning. I used to be a co-admin on a vB forum. I got fired by the webmaster in mid May, never did exactly know the reason though I think it was because I wouldn't show favor to certain members. We had been fighting about this and the the fact that I did not approve of him reading the members' PMs. The night I got fired, my ISP was down and I couldn't get online for about 6 hours. When I did manage to get online at about 11PM, I got emails from the webmaster. He wanted me to chat about something, had been emailing me all evening. When I didn't show up because of my ISP being out, he just fired me after accusing me of avoiding him all night and plotting against him in some imaginary chatroom. I explained what had happened with my ISP, no answer to my email.

    My best friend was also a co-admin. The webmaster offered to show her chatlogs that supposedly proved I "wasn't really her friend." Since I never said anything bad about my friend, these chatlogs must have been doctored in some way. My friend refused to even look at them. She was an esteemed member of the forums for 3 1/2 years, on staff 2 1/2 years and an attorney. She resigned her admin position because of my getting fired and also the same issues about member treatment, etc. We have heard from people that the webmaster has been spreading it around that we corrupted the CP. The ONLY thing that happened was that my friend removed our names as moderators of individual forums moments before she resigned. (Moderators who had left earlier had their names left up as moderators for months afterwards. We didn't want that same fate.)

    Even though we were not on staff, (and glad of it because of policies regarding members), we were still members of the forum, though we didn't post much. I still read the forum fairly often, just to keep up with what was happening with members and so forth. After working on forum for a couple of years, it's like you've known people forever. About 3 or 4 weeks ago, I saw that one of the long time members was posting on a DIFFERENT board that her dog was very ill, though the exact diagnosis was a bit uncertain. Meantime she's posting on the forum I had worked on as though nothing was wrong with the dog. Finally though, she did post, saying the dog was on death's doorstep, needed prayers and etc. Basically said that they were trying everything but he was very bad, no hope, etc. From reading posts on the other board she'd been posting on, I could see that there was an avenue she should pursue before letting the dog go and that the vets she was using might not be the best ones for this case. I sent an email urging her to please get this certain specialist, that GP vets are okay for everyday, but her dog was too sick, etc. What did she do? Instead of emailing me back, she posted in her sympathy thread that I was mean and cruel to her in an email. She didn't post the email itself of course because it wasn't mean and cruel, but mentioned me by name saying I had been nasty to her. This brought a bunch more posts from people feeling sorry for her and etc. Some people that know I was only trying to help, posted saying so, but didn't make any difference. Incidentally, what I said to her in email was almost the same as what someone had posted publicly. She didn't say that post was cruel because people would have thought her *nuts*. The webmaster let the bashing of me continue, even though I had only emailed the woman, never posted. The final result was that he banned me entirely from the server with .htaccess!

    The story is not all bad. Fortunately the dog is much "better". He went from death's doorstep to wonderful in only a couple of days, and without any specialists or advanced medical treatments. You can do the math. I am THRILLED the dog is "better", not that sick, whatever you call it. I only emailed the woman trying to help the poor dog.

    I apparently got banned completely, not for spamming, not for flaming, not for posting anything, but for sending an email trying to help a dog who didn't need help in the first place, even though the owner was crying everywhere for it. It's a sick damn world sometimes. Sorry for the long post, sometimes you just have to vent.


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      Originally posted by Richy T.
      how can i ban the proxy. every time he logs on and registers a different ip comes up. how do i find out what the proxy is?
      Usually only the last group of digits changes, so ban a.b.c instead of a.b.c.d.
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        I just recently had to ban a member for the first time - my board has some 1200 users and counting now, so not bad going in my opinion... although this individual member has been a total nightmare.

        The guy was on the site for about two months before we banned him. Not one of his fifty-plus posts were remotely appropriate to the genre of the site, and were always of a sexually-orientated nature. He was often homophobic and/or deregatory towards others, and kept repeating the same old crap over-and-over, despite the fact we were deleting his posts and locking threads every other day. He even went as far as to start a thread asking "what's with all the post deletions?" - the guy TRULY didn't understand what he was doing wrong, despite pretty clear-cut warnings from the moderators and myself, and continual references to the site rules.

        Then one day I found out that he had approached a member through Yahoo! Messenger, and was pretending to be one of the moderators from our forums. Unfortunately for him, the lady knew the moderator very well, realised who it really was, and told him to politely "go away". The next thing you know, the loser has posted a really offensive rant about what he thought of her directly onto the forums.

        Suffice to say we pulled the plug on him at that point.

        But sadly it doesn't end there. For the last three weeks he's be re-registering under different usernames regularly, each time being caught in the process literally within minutes. On this latest occasion we have actually let him back into the site to see what he would actually do. 24 hours in and the moron is already posting EXACTLY the same filth once again. The guy is a total idiot - as everyone on the site knows who it is and are ignoring him totally... yet he is still posting away! You'd think after six (!) banned accounts in three weeks and repeated written warnings when he was active on the site, that he'd get the message he isn't welcome.

        This time around though we've forwarded a lot of his new postings to his ISP as evidence, as well as Yahoo, whose free mailboxes he keeps using to register with. Hopefully his accounts at both companies will be terminated. It would be a shame to block his ISP altogether, as we have other members who use the same company.

        Like nemesis01 said, people should read the rules when they sign-up. What's more, if you spend any real time reading a message board, it doesn't take long to work out the tone of the site and what's tolerated and what's not. It amazes me that people think they are entitled to walk all over the basic terms and conditions at their leisure.

        I guess I should thank my lucky stars that given the easily-misinterpretable nature of my forums, this is so far the only major "pervert" we've had to deal with...


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          I delete Spammers accounts and their posts. For users that just show poor behavior--well, they're banned (so that their good posts can stay)


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