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Just waiting for 2.0

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  • Just waiting for 2.0

    I'm just (im)patiently waiting for vb2.0 ....

    I can't wait, I want to see the new toys to play with!

    Anyone else?

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    to be honest i am happy on 1.1.4 right now after all my problems in the past.. this is my first straight 7 days without a server downtime or a hiccup at all

    thanks to chris compiling the right version of mysql on my server everything is running smoothly - even managed to get webadverts' zoning working for the first time on my vB

    i am not sure if i will upgrade to v2 straight away... maybe wait a few weeks after it's release.
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      hm... I look forward to the new release. I decided not to hack my current vB too much because of 2.0

      So I too want some new toys to play with!
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        Actually, I've been holding off hacking while waiting for 2.0 - some of you may have noticed Been working on my own stuff.


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          yup, holding of changing even my templates waiting. Also i need it badly for the category structure (i use a cheating ?go= thing now that i not exactly ellegant) and co-branding as well.

          the new killer features sound fun, can't wait to find out what they are!
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