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who have you banned, and why?

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  • who have you banned, and why?

    this is sorta from another topic.. there's a *org hack that shows a ban reason and length, just wondering if anyone else keeps a record...

    Warpstorm Banned Users:

    sys0p.......Posting porn.......forever
    The Jackal...Repeated using inappropriate avatars....10/25/02 (1 year ban)
    Serial M.....Posting porn......7/2/02 (1 year ban)
    Torment....Too many reasons.....forever
    Ban Ashley.......Alt nick.....forever
    XPerT......Alt Nick (Torment).....forever
    aimee love.....Stalking.....until 11/12/02 (1 year ban)
    Geebs......Alt Nick for Biblethumper.....forever
    Me LaireS....Alt Nick for Serial M.....forever
    Manglefish....Posting porn and cracking the board....forever.
    DAV-685Q....Alt Nick (fattony- banned for porn posting).....forever
    Mammoth ********....Alt Nick......forever
    big-*****-guy......Alt Nick......forever
    PropriƩtaire.....Alt Nick......forever
    Infested_Larva.....Posting porn.....1 year (until 5/27/03)

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    Wow... Your site's just crawling with porn, isn't it?

    Actually, I haven't banned anybody from my site, since all my members have been really nice and have been just plain happy campers.

    (Of course, I've only got about 26 members...)


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      we only have a few reasons for banning- posting porn, warez, or malicious code (includes crackin)


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        for me...

        Name: ********* (Suspended)
        Email: ************
        IP: ***.**.***.*** (***.******.*****.**)
        TraceRoute: *******, *****
        Reason: Breaking Signiture Rule, Avatar rule, and cussing out the admin

        of course the Stars blocking out their info

        i keep all the good info so i can find em again... their ip and host name, email, name, reason, status, traceroute
        Running vB since 4-14-2002


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          Thankfully no one. I've had to remove some dead accounts and some accounts that had inappropriate usernames but thats about it.
          gallery: here


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            coolstream - swearing, excessive use of smilies, spamming - forever

            coolstream1 (alt nick of coolstream)

            konoko (alt nick of coolstream)

            Mogg-Flunky (alt nick of coolstream)

            Mogg Mage (alt nick of coolstream)

            muro (alt nick of coolstream)

            Krypto - i forget - forever

            Ruprecht - i forget - forever

            Spike - insulting me repeatedly and general lameness - forever


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              one good reason for this is to maybe spot nicknames from banned trolls, maybe this will help someone that might have one of those members


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                Could someone do me a favor and direct me towards this hack? I cant seem to find it on

                Matthew Yette
                [email protected]
       - People in every direction


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                  I would have to say for 95% of the users that I have banned, their posts are either one off post (SPAM, chain letters or adverts), warez, porn or people abusing other members for fun.

                  In the signup email I place a link to my rules (Link) but people still don't read it and wounder why they are banned after asking for the last warez or porn sites.

                  Just looking at it, 90 people have been banned from my forum for the above reasons.
                  The other 5% just use the PM system to trade warez.
                  Last edited by Zorg; Mon 3rd Jun '02, 10:22pm.


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                    I don't ban, I only delete

                    No, sometimes I banned people because their behaviour was terrible. But most times I delete them


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                      What happens to deleted user's posts?

                      I need to delete a user but I'm concerned what happens to their posts (not all will be removed). If they started a thread, will it disappear?


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                        It says right in your control panel that all their posts will be named as "Guest".


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                          first page of our little banlist.. 180+ bans atm, growing by about one or two per day
                          My open eyes see everything, and you see nothing. . .
                          That forum


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                   banned a guy for being a freak.


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                              Originally posted by eiSecure
                     banned a guy for being a freak.
                              we have quite a few bans like that
                              and sadly, the description fits the users :P
                              My open eyes see everything, and you see nothing. . .
                              That forum


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