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  • ~ Hack's being posted; most do not get upgraded to latest version of vB

    Okay I'm kind of fuming now, I have nothing against any of the developers or hackers but at, what does it take to get something answered? For example, there is the Change UserName Via UserCP, this is one very popular hack as users like to change their screen names once in a while. Now this is must have for my forum and I would have it but it doesn't work properly with 2.2.5. Now I've bumped that topic up about 4 times and still no answer, it simply makes its way back to the second, third, fourth page and so on.

    That's just one example. I could name many others but it would be one long post.

    I'm just wondering, because I'm sort of "stuck" at the moment. Getting no service from and that being the only place for vB hacks, I don't know what to do

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    Please tell me this is a joke post? Yes?


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      It's not, I've had one terrible experience at


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        Perhaps they should put in BOLD face, "we don't offer support period".

        Or maybe they should charge $ for premium support.
        Well, there it is.
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          Every hack which is created at is supported by the person who created it, and they do not have any obligation to make it work with the latest version, especially just for your needs. a vB developer or someone else may continue it or help you out, but again they do not have too if they have other things to do or simply don't want to help. If you are getting no response, I would recommend you send the hacker an e-mail and offer to pay for the hack to be brough up to date. $20 or something (depending on the size of the hack of course) might urge the developer into touching it up and getting you back in business. If not, you're stuck and should either uninstall it, code it yourself or pay someone else.

          Thats the way it is.
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            Okay, looks like I will have to pay up now

            Never thought that after paying $160 I would have to spend more to get hacks where IMO they should be free?

            I do agree though that it is great they make hacks for us free of charge etc, but this is just one of the problems I've had...

            *Pulls out wallet to find no money inside *

            To PPN: You made the hack, I'll send you some money if you do this??


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              You're free, obviously, to only use the free hacks. We cannot force people to support their hacks, nor can we force them to make them free.


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                hmmmmmmm last time I checked vbulletin was not a free, costing you about $160 for a full license, and hacks were free, I believe that if you are a confirmed vb licensed member then you do have free access to all the hacks at, im confused in reading your thread on why you said you payed $160 for a hack


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                  I have that hack with 2.2.5 and it works fine....


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                    Most of these people in here have "proper" jobs

                    Its thier time, and as said, you cannot make them make the hacks.

                    I guess it wouldnt be that hard to change them for versions as long as there are no major changes done!


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                      Re: ~ Hack's being posted; most do not get upgraded to latest version of vB

                      Originally posted by N9ne
                      Now I've bumped that topic up about 4 times and still no answer, it simply makes its way back to the second, third, fourth page and so on.
                      y'know.. the possibility that the author isn't subscribing to his/her thread exists, so bumping the thread doesn't guarantee anything at all..

                      most hack authors write hacks because they need them, and they write them to work with their board.

                      if a new version of vbulletin is released, there's no guarantee at all that they will upgrade their bulletin board (for instance, expired members' area or a board hacked to bits and pieces), and hence, they have no need to re-hack it.

                      and suppose they do upgrade, only to find a minor change or two, it's definitely a possibility that they just fix it and forget about it

                      as for Martz' suggestion on offering a few bucks for a upgraded version, i'd say that's definitely reasonable, even though it's possible to get help from someone else to look at it.

                      my $0.02
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                        The cool part about this is that you can modify the hacks to fit your own needs. So polish up on your coding skills and bust out some updates!

                        You see, it is hard for hackers to update their hacks everytime a new version of VB is released, considering that would take a ton of time to do, and more than can be asked of anyone taking their own time to help everyone out as it is.

                        So take it upon yourself to learn what is necessary to update the hacks yourself, since it is what *YOU* need.
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                          Actually I just don't have time to rewrite the hack or to look it over, it worked for me on my development board and I tried to give support but it got too much trying to answer all the help plus study for exams and then the girlfriend starts to comlpain i spend too much time on the computer and not enough time with her etc etc etc
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                            heh, Jelsoft should include a PHP How-To or a PHP For Dummies book with every purchase.


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                              Have you considered the possibility that it isn't working with another hack? Have you tried uninstalling, and then reinstalling it?

                              There's an answer, but unfortunately, there isn't always someone there to provide you free support. The people who make hacks (myself included) don't always have the time to help everyone out.

                              It REALLY helps to learn some PHP on your own so you don't have to be as dependent on others for maintenance of your board.
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