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    Why is it everything has to be turned into someones personal crusade, he asked 2 simple questions. And not difficult ones to answer.

    No I don't get the emails.

    Yes they are different.

    Paul you really should lighten up you know? Inferring that someone is an idiot for asking a question doesn't paint you in a very positive light.

    At any rate c, TalkLoud has been ripped quite a few times. The latest three or four have been from arab sites as well. I don't get contacted for the styles they just take them, but I'm fairly sure that that's because of the fact that some chinese site a while back actually did a theme/style for my forum and placed it for download

    Reguardless of the frequency however I have noticed that arab/chinese sites are the hardest to get them to REMOVE your ripped style from.


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      What in the email:


      Please I want your style

      Thank you"

      makes you think they wanted it for free? Did you ask? Not a very good way to gain business by taking the way someone asks you for your work and displaying it on a public forum because they didn't use the exact words you thought you should hear.

      Again, what in that email makes you think they wanted it for free? Sounds like you're making assumptions about a group unfairly.

      You really need to grow up and stop crying, as I've seen suggested to you numerous times as of late.


      And, did you really need to be told that laws in other countries are different than ours? Come on. Don't be an idiot.


      "ahmad aloufi":
      he is onwer a arabic company for hosting ( me too )

      so why do you think he want it for free ???



      sea what arabs can do

      may be there are some of people want it free


      the maxmum don't want it like that

      have a nice day .


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        I think Paul has departed these parts since those posts (and we all did rejoyce )

        Personally I've never really been asked for anything but maybe it's because my styles are very basic. I did ask someone if I could use their button set once and they agreed
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          Hi everyone

          c-prompt , First of all you are the one who start this thread and you are saying Arab Arab Arab.

          This email should be confidential because its between you and a customer want to get a style , And you should reply him with the cost and how much he’ll pay to get it he doesn’t say FREE as what you are saying.

          This isn’t the right way to do the business. Once you lost the confidential in your business no one well do business with you it’s an advice to you.

          And if there was some negotiation for some business and you lost the business because of some reasons between you and customer DON’T SAY HE WANTS IT FREE.

          This customer, which you said he wants your style free, he has more than 10 servers for hosting and he never asked you anything free from your side and I think his email is showing that for us.

          You said that the Arabic people and you didn’t mention the customer him self who send you the email the Arabic people or a customer .

          You said that the Arabic need all things in free and there is no low, well it is good that you have Good Law and order in your country. And I think by your post you are making hummmm what they call it apartheid ? Is it what you are doing now?
          I hope that you have time to say sorry to Arab people before talking to a lawyer about that.

          And one more thing to vBulletin Team Moderators , I am amazing why the Moderators allow this man to post that thread. Are they do not want also Arabic?

          If yes every thing well be clear for Arabic users and they can find a legal way to solve this problem

          c-prompt You have to say sorry for all theses things because you are the one who started all these arguments. And Please be sure and use your brain before you post anything about Arabic in an apartheid way.
          I'm the illogicalX


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            Wow!! Talk about over reacting!

            Just because someone mentions a particular race or people from a particular country in a question does not mean they are condemning them.

            Yes, racism needs to be stamped out, but not to the extent that we cannot ask simple questions as what the copyright situation is in other countries without practially being reported to the police!
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              Originally posted by Mark Hewitt
              I think Paul has departed these parts since those posts (and we all did rejoyce )
              Not all rejoiced... I for one was sad to see one of the few voices on the other side of the force, so to speak, be treated so badly. Every single argument that he made was treated as a personal insult by anyone who read it even if it wasn't one. It's like if you say anything negative about vBulletin here, you're branded as a troll. But apparently that only applied to Paul, because I said vBulletin 2 is slow and the admin CP is confusing some time ago, and nobody took it and butchered it up as hard as when Paul said anything.
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                He did make some good points. But they were lost in all the personal insults. And yes they were personal. Anyway, this is not the topic of this thread .

                I think if anything is to be learned from this discussion it is that, when sending emails, explain what you really mean!
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