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do you run/own just a forum or site/forum?

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  • do you run/own just a forum or site/forum?

    Just curious if you forum has a site with it (IE tech site and a tech forum), just a forum

    is it an add on to your site?
    Whats your site/forum about?
    How you promote it if it was an addon to your site?

    I run a forum, but i plan on making a site to go along with it (soon)
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    Well, I run a site that complements my forums.

    I always think that it's better to have a "main" site, and then have your forums as secondary.

    This way, you will get visitors to your "main" site, who will drop by your forums. As your forum grows, it will be the members that will help make your forum a bigger part of your site -- not you.

    Case example: VBWorld & vbForums ( &

    When I first joined that community, it was not as big as it is now, with a decently-sized forum and a large main site with lots of articles, tips, and other great content.

    It used to be the main site that was getting all the attention and getting most of the visitors, but over the months/years, membership at the forums has increased by a lot, and last year (or was it the year before?) John got the forum its own domain name (

    This example shows how a site can evolve, from being site-centric to forum-centric.


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      Forum only. No plans on making it a site.

      If i were to start over, i would have made a site first, with 2 - 300 content pages for the spiders, then added a forum with links on each content page.


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        Our forum used to be the site, we hosted Controlled-story threads, then we moved to a more GD attitude. we made an archive for art, poems, and stories, and have that up.

        currently our largest project is Libra wars, a massive fleet based RPG that's forum based, so in a way, our site's our forums, however we have one hell of a main site too


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          both, kind of. it's all integrated.


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              Form and site, but I keep them separate. I own and run the foum


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                Both.. I run the forums at and have my own forums elsewhere with no attached site.
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         started life as part of It soon became as popular as the site so I bought the domain and moved it on it's own.
                  It's pretty hard to start a forum by itself. You need to have some sort of content to compliment the forum.
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           - not all of them are listed yet


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                      I have a main site and then I have my forums at , I had to separate them becuase my forums got too busy.

                      The main site is how I get members on my forums, I have a lot of content! Over 130 pages in Google!
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                        My site :


                        Forums :

               (BETA) -


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                          Our site is starting forum only, but when/if we grow, we will start to write reviews, news etc..


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                            My site has had no forum for merely three years. It's been a year since I have had a forum up.
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                              Our forums do not have a site on the domain itself but we have about 8 top sites using it as their message board.


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