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Vote for vB Board of the Month - May

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    For those who also wanted to be voted on, its the 15th, scott will probably soon start the nomination round for June. Don't miss it!


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      Osx. The others are nice too.


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        What about ?
        Features news integration, frontpage integration, chat ...


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          some people...... *shakes head*

          How come there's not as many votes as last month, by Far? Only 8 more days, can't be that 60~ votes suddenly come in the last week, now can it??


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            Originally posted by 1337Devil
            How come there's not as many votes as last month, by Far? Only 8 more days, can't be that 60~ votes suddenly come in the last week, now can it??
            some months the competing sites will have their members come over here and register to stuff the vote box.


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              I might drop the little piece of info that my board has undergone the changes I had intended to make it undergo AFTER this month's contest closed, but in the end decided against it and just launched it all today.

              If you voted, check out the Couch again. :evil:


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                Re: Vote for vB Board of the Month - May

                Originally posted by s.molinari
                Hey all you vB Troopers,

                Please vote for the board you like best. Take a look at them all before you do.

                .....and may the best board win.


       pics and voice?

                I like:

       - Web head

       - Web Body and Style

                xixi....but where is mine?


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                  Note that has been totally revamped 2 days ago, and the old version got all those votes above.... not this one.


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                    I'm slowly learning how to intergrate vb with my site, but was wondering if I can get feedback on my board/site combo.

                    I have a test site up till I get all my content linked up, but basically trying to mix my sites layout with Vb225/VBhome/WebTemplates/ and some very cool hacks from

                    my eyes went cross eyed trying to edit the index.php3

                    again looking for feedback. Note sure if it's up for voting this month though. The sites up for voting this month look great.


                    PS: gallery not linked up on test site, I was looking at trying to make a gallery hack based on the avatar system but not sure how much of an under taking that is or if anyone is working on something like that yet.

                    good luck with Vb of the month guys


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                      well as anyone can tell, Ive taken down the forums.
                      Im not really into running a community anymore, I had bought the software for a client of mine, for his site. Then we went a different direction. So I was
                      left with the software, thought I could use it as a gallery for my artwork, but after exhausting alot of hours decided against it. Anyway, Im working currently on a new site at its only in the beginning stages but you might like the sounds and animation I have so far.




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                        The Edge at got the most votes, and it is the 31st today, so I guess they won: CONGRATULATIONS !!

                        Such a shame that kurafire didn't make it this month! Better luck next month! (same for me!) eheh

                        Congrats overgrow.


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                          the old Couch didn't yet deserve Board of the Month, really. Cos if it did, then the new Couch would suddenly outdo all BotM's there ever were, which I really would disagree with.

                          Now, the _new_ Couch, however, is soooooooo much better than the old one. So, we venture forth in hope of being in next month's (July) running again!


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                            And what is my board, chopped liver?? LOL 35,000 posts in the first 10 weeks of it's revival, w00t!!! Someday, it'll be bigger than this board, yes, someday...


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                              Kid2K, the signature rule(s) here are either one image, and that's it, or up to 4 (I believe) lines of text without an image. So no text+image.

                              just so you know


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                                Sure, I'll fix it, thx...


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