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The Great CMS Debate

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    Originally posted by bigmattyh

    The best way to explain this is with a simple example:

    Say you have a site with bits of news for your members. You've built up a considerable database of news items -- let's say about 300, all of which you wish to keep available to your visitors.

    ... Then you decide that you want to change your site design.

    If you've entered each of these news items into a static HTML template, you now have to change all 300 of these pages, or at least, you have to cut-and-paste all the old news items into your new templates.

    With dynamic, database-driven templates, you only need to change the templates, and the software puts the content into the appropriate place. Your content is stored separately from the design, allowing you to change the design without affecting the content. It's all done dynamically, putting the work load on the machine, not you.

    And as an aside, one of vB's greatest strengths is that it runs off of templates. I wish other software did the same.
    True. However.....server side includes do the same thing....which is what I have done on my site. All I have to do is make changes to approximately 10 separate includes and 300+ pages will be changed at once.


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      a real CMS will do more than just template things, it can allow you to organise things, create new things articles online, sort articles in different ways, inbuilt search engines, set up permission systems for authors (with validation), categories things, display top X articles, reviews, reports etc, automatically paginate things, cobrand things etc. I am not at all saying that vb CMS has any or all of these things as to be honest I have no idea but those are the sort of features I would want from a CMS. For example on my scifi site I would use a CMS for:

      1) A news system for the front page (this is what portals have).
      2) A fan fiction directory so people could list their fan fiction works
      3) A shopping directory to list sci fi merchandise
      4) An episode directory giving episode reviews

      Those are just some examples of what I would use a CMS for.
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        Good stuff! Thanks for the clarification Chris!


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          Originally posted by rascal
          Does the vB3 CMS comes as a package or an optional or we have to purchase individually?
          It's an optional add-on that will be available at some, as yet, undetermined cost.
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            I heard ezpublish is quite good and its FREE Planning to use them soon.

            LINK :

            DEMO :

            ADMIN :

            username = admin
            password = publish


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              Frankly though I have yet to see a popular well used, well supported CMS product that is reasonably priced.


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