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Computer Games and Violence

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    I play all sorts of violent computer games and I turned out ok


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      Originally posted by Jakeman
      I play all sorts of violent computer games and I turned out ok
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        I would worry about anyone who has experienced true violence and still gets gratification from these games.
        Well, as someone who's been in battle, I'll say that perhaps it's attutides like these that go towards vilifying computer games.

        It's just a game. Having been in a position where I fought for my life, I can say that a computer game is no where near the same thing.

        It's just a game


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          Thank you.. MacKenzie... It's people like you that keep the crazies from taking over.


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            Parenting ALWAYS have a larger blame than any video game does. Think about it. Your parents are responsible for 99% of your upbringing. Video games take up maybe 1%? And that 1% was allowed by the parents in the first place.

            So for a parent to blame a video game company for their children's violence is more than ironic.

            Plus, I don't believe the freedom of the world should be dictated solely by the abuses by a few unworthy bad apples.
            Well, there it is.
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              When shootings occur in schools etc the media always looks to someone to blame and it usually ends up being video games.
              So playing Doom 3 one day means that id are to blame for some mentally unstable kid to kill his school mates. If parents didnt use video games as babysitters and if America had gun laws to prevent every house from having an easily accessible gun then it wouldn't be so much of a problem.


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                Argh. this kind of topic gets me really riled. they had a debate about it on TVthe other day.

                These are my opinion:

                #1: For a game to affect someone so much they want to kill, they have to be uite mental in the first place

                #2: in my experience, violent games releive tension. instead of going out and stabbing someone, i do it in the comfort of my computer screen

                #3: people ALWAYS look for something to blame for someones actions, or in some cases are just out to make a quick quid. the people that are at fault are the people that commit the crime.

                i play GTA, you don't see me stealing cars and running people over for a quick laugh.

                EDIT: Woah, thisis an old thread.
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                  Originally posted by DoST
                  Often the school shootings in the USA are related with FPS games.
                  Negative. First off, school shootings ussually happen because people get bullied, and harrased beyond there limit. And anyone who commits a crime and blames it on a game is either doing it to try to use it as a excuse for what they did, or because they have mental problems. By the time you are nine or ten years old, you should know the difference between reality and fantasy, and the difference between right and wrong. So you can't use a game as a excuse for what you did. I'm 15, and I have been playing games like Grand Theft Auto, and other M-rated games since I was 10. I have been watching R-rated movies since I was 10. And I have never once thought about commiting a crime because I saw it in a game, or movie.

                  Edit: I would have never replied to this thread if I knew it was 2 years old.


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                    Since this thread is over two years old, it's nearly guaranteed almost all original posters are gone.


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