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    May I nominate again? Last time was 3 months ago IIRC.
    Chen Avinadav
    Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

    גם אני מאוכזב מסיקור תחרות לתור מוטור של NRG הרשת ע"י מעריב


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      Yes you may, in that case.

      Just out of curiosity though, does Really need more traffic? o_O


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        Re: I nominate!

        Originally posted by FWT
        I nominate

        Very Cool!
        I'll second that, a very crisp & clean design I think. Moderator
        The Sisters Three Charmed Discussion Forums


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          I'll nominate my own forums:



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            I nominate


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              Main Site:


              The site contains several vbulletin hacks. I've also intergrated vbulletin into the Pow Wow Calendar. Users can add/remove thier names to a list of people who are attending a given Pow Wow.
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                I second (or third, or fourth, whichever )


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                  I'd like to nominate my site -

                  I would also like to second


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                    Maybe an idea, Scott, is to make x amount of notes when you throw them all in a hat, where x is half the amount of Seconds that a forums received in the nominations round.

                    I.e. if forum A gets 5 seconds from people, and forum B get 2, then forum A gets 2 (or 3, if you round up) notes that go in the hat, and forum B only one.

                    This could make things a bit more balanced in the final draw, cos now, a forum can receive 11 seconds but can be 'outmatched' in the drawing by 5 boards that all got only 1 single second.

                    And if this would be implemented, we could also consider a limitation on boards that already have been in the running once, but didn't win and are now trying to get in the running again.

                    Just some ideas


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                      I'd like to second: banishedfaith.. one of the most original styles I've ever seen. Dunno about the left aligned posts, but I love the rest.

                      And I'd also like to second: a very improved Great new stuff like 'next 10 weddings' and a whole new look and feel since they were in competition two months back.
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                        I second and


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                          I'd like to second



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                            I'd like to nominate myself.


                            I just redesigned the look too. If you wish, you can log in using a guest account as well to look around deeper:

                            l: guest
                            p: guest

                            gallery: here


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                              Originally posted by s.molinari
                              I'd like to nominate OsXServer Forum

                              It has a very clean, elegant and impressive design. (and it wasn't done by C-Prompt )
                              I'll second this forum. Very nice. And definitely not done by me. LOL


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                                I nominate my forums. Spent a lot of time on them lately..

                                Need a job done? Get in contact with me and we'll see what we can work out.


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