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  • French community and vB

    well i'm french, happy to use vB with my french template.
    However the french community is not a good place for french users of vB so i have't any place to talk about vB, help or share.

    Why ? simple if you did something for french community it will be for customer users and also for unlicensed.
    You can answer than there is or for share work but it's english place.
    If i add something i can add french or english version but see one post in french and another in english is not a good way to sahre work.

    We had to be honest there is more board without license in frenc community than whit license.
    I think jelsoft have a big part in this fact.

    French user like me who don't want to help warez post in or but i have to post in english (english team cannot moderate foreign language if they don't understand more than two words ).
    So if i post in there is no protection against unlicensed and i share my work with people who have put 0$ in.

    So french community (and others) need to have a place where warez cannot have access.

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    i'm fully agree with Flo.

    You know that i'm french and that i've translated the templates since the v2.0

    I've also created, but i've leaved the site and its comunity in january because of the most members were warez-admins/users.

    There are a few french people who are using vB with licence, and they don't know where to go ? and are english speaking only, and finaly, they are alone.

    I think that it would be great to create a tiny tiny place on for french users, where licences could be checked, as for english users.

    I know that the german comunity hasn't those problems ... why ? maybe french guys aren't respectful


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      Hi. I also speak french, and I have to agree, that is a very good idea. It's too bad that other communities aren't built like how this one is built. If it were, then warez would probably drop down a lot.


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        need vB team opinion


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          All the pirates go learning french now...


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            Originally posted by Divine Coding's sig
            Pirates Reported: 11 (Updated: 21.03.02)
            You want to report illegal using of vB ?

            Just search 'Edité par vBulletin' or 'POwered by vBulletin' on ans then you can easily report 50 % of the results

            >>> BUMP for team react ... seems to ignore the thread...


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              Its a pity its like that

              They should look at a way of having the french and german sections on this server, or at least reading the member database from it

              All that would need to be done is a translation of the front end, which I guess relativly isnt that hard

              vBulletin could get all those sites from, and I have no idea about them, so i try and only report ones which I have a reason to think they are pirated

              It just wastes thier time if i send them a fat load of links from google :/



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                >>> BUMP UP <<<

                vB team ?


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                  We'll be moving into the international communities a lot more when vB3 is released. Hold your horses until then, and then we'll see how things go!

                  John Percival

                  Artificial intelligence usually beats real stupidity ;)


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                    Thanks for your reply ^^


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                      post effacé.


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                        oep, prends toi un café, tu te trompes d'année la


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                          Originally posted by SteppenWolf
                          oep, prends toi un café, tu te trompes d'année la
                          il s'ennuyait ptete


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                              Originally posted by John
                              We'll be moving into the international communities a lot more when vB3 is released. Hold your horses until then, and then we'll see how things go!

                              [erm?]1 year old topic........[/erm?]

                              wouldn't it just be easier to hire multiple languages speaking staff?
                              Originally Posted by Zachery
                              John originally presented vBulletin to Infopop, they didn't take it, so he took it and sold it

                              Originally Posted by Martin
                              We had to do a lot of arm twisting to get him to do it, though. I would imagine he still hates us.


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