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Egoism is a main foe for forums

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  • Way Off-Topic Egoism is a main foe for forums

    Hello Everybody

    Long ago, before the viral spread of social media, forums-based websites boomed in the virtual world offering people the chance to get into a community and 'share and care'. Things have changed recently as people find encouragement to broadcast news about 'themselves' only. My forums are designed for helping translators learn and find work. In contrast with social media, the forums offer the valuable service of threading topics. Once someone asks something, people would jump in with their minds to discuss the issue and offer their own perspectives and solutions. The thread continues to exist for future viewers who face the same issue.

    To my dismay, 99.99% of people who need my help, my being an international consultant in training translators, still prefer the way 'they want' not the way 'I am looking for' in sorting out their problems. When they need help, they find it easier to talk to me through a Facebook message. I always direct them to the forums, which I built with blood and tears and spent a fortune on the lessons and courses delivered there completely free of charge. In other words, they prefer to get what they want JUST for themselves!

    Since I give my lessons for the public good, I made only one condition for membership. Any member joining the forums must make a contribution. This contribution is very simple. It could be participating in the exercises, aligning bilingual tables or giving feedback on other people's translation. Until this moment, only five or six people are complying with the conditions. One day, someone approached me to be a member. I asked him about his contribution. He said "My contribution will be to get into the forums and take the lessons!" I was surprised and asked him what about helping others or even making comments or giving a feedback, to which he replied "No!"

    Looking into other forums, even those selling/giving mods to forums users, I found that everybody complained of the same thing. It is egoism at the end of the day. People want to take away something but never give something in return.

    In this context, I recollect a request that someone made to vbulletin asking for a new feature: a chat tool. If this happens, then it will destroy the principle of participation and sharing in forums. Despite the gloomy environment my forums is facing, I will still insist not to tolerate any selfish member. But, at the same time, I am working on my forums with a systematic presentation and development of my content to train translators. I have also minimized my presence in social media and will see where this takes me.
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