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Philosophy's, theory's. And just a big post.

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  • Philosophy's, theory's. And just a big post.

    This is just a couple things that I've been thinking about and I want to hear some feedback. Sorry for some spelling and grammar mistakes

    (Please don't spam and think about your post before you post in this thread.)
    //++ Philosophy on life

    I've spen many days upon days thinking about this.

    Have you guys ever thought about what happens to you when you die?

    Well I think what happens is that it's like a "Final Fantasy" philosophy. Where everything when it dies goes to the earth to some sort of life source. No heven no hell.. Even a greater force then that. It's hard for me to explain but chris kill'em and I were discussin it and he took t out of my words. He said that there could be a (sp?) "Gaiya" thing. That's the way I feel sorta. I don't belive in god that much anymore because there is no proof. Hell' god could just be a damn story writen by a hobbit for all we know! But I've yet to find any flaws with my (sp?)theary.

    //++ Dino Theory

    Here is my other Theory about Dinosaurs.

    What if the dinosaurs we more advanced in techknowledgey then us? What if they were way more advanced and all there evedence was just destroyed in some explosion or something. What if they were from Mars or another planet sent and somehow got here. Because scientist said that there was ounce life source on mars. I mean it's kinda out there but damn nobody knows! Or what if the dinosaurs were just sent somewhere from earth? And the fossils are just remains of dead dino's? Nobosy is for sure about that ;D

    And yes I am totaly serious about these two subjects. I've been spending the last year of my life thinking about one or another.

    Religion (please read whole thing):

    Religion is just a state of mind in many ways..
    There is no proof it's real..
    But why do so many people have faith..

    Well here is what I think about "God."
    There has never been any proof of Jesus,God or any of that.
    And if there was I wouldn't be writeing this.
    People devote there whole lifes to this "God" that they think will not
    send them to hell or will protect them.

    If there is a true "God" then why
    would he send people to a place of eternal pain. Yes I ounce belived in God
    when I was about 12 years old. But one day I woke up and I thought about it.

    There is no proof of "God" or any of those people that were in the bible
    back then. For all we know the bible is just a damn fairy tale that people
    took way to seriously like "Star Trek." Where people would start to think
    it's real and they would go insane.

    And now if you go against the belifes of other people you could be killed.
    Religion is just faith in something that dosn't exist! People kill other
    people for a "Holy War" like in "9-11-01." Except that battle was going on
    for awhile.

    And even if there was a high power or being such as "God" then it would
    become corrupt.

    And what the hell is this thing about "Hell"? If you don't belive in "God"
    then you get sent to hell! I mean that's just bull ****!

    My father is a big religious guy and when I told him this he thought about
    it and I think he listin'd to me for ounce. I think I really did make him
    think about it.

    It's hard for me to explain this but yeah..

    Now all I want you guys to do is post some of your theorys or philosophys on life or anything.

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    On Philosophy:

    Gaia Principle:

    On Dinosaurs:
    Stop worrying about this line of thinking. There most likely would be some sort of evidence that showed they were more than simply large animals with small cranial cavaties.

    The Dinosaurs didn't disappear, most died out but some evolved and grew into the forms you see flying over your head today.

    On Religion:
    You are limiting yourself to philosophy that is only embraced by 1/12th of the world and is a minority religion in many areas of the world. Since you are obviously a seeker of faith or you wouldn't have these thoughts you should widen your search to find a religion that appeals to you.
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    Wayne Luke
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      If I die, I would not know what would happen.
      I think I can't remember what happened last time I died, and if that was me, or if I just started to be build at a point. Or if this is the one life I get. You can never say. And I think it should stay that way.


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        life: you are not important. there is no hidden meaning or purpose to your life. the world will not miss you when you're gone. there is no afterlife. those who think there is an afterlife are trying to comfort their fears of the unknown and add purpose to their life.

        dinosaurs: Land Before Time. that movie ownz! little foot is so cute.

        religion: security blanket. see above statement about comforting fears of the unknown. sometimes i get in religious debates with people... they totally break down when i make a valid point against religion. religion is the most destructive force this world has ever known. take the current terrorist situation. the terrorists attacked the US in the name of their god... they are going to heaven now. so we go bomb their country and kill a bunch of people... and GOD BLESS AMERICA for that! sweet, both sides justified by god to wipe out the "enemy." but that isn't an accurate assessment... you see, the terrorists believe in the wrong religion. christianity is the only right religion. the terrorists will surely go to h*ll for not accepting the lord jesus christ as their savior. *me spreads thick sarcasm over this post*


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          Firstly, a quick disclaimer, I am speaking here as John Percival the person, a Christian, not as a representative of Jelsoft in any way!

          Anyway, I think that we can forget the dinosaurs concern, firstly because it is against all fossil evidence that we have found, and secondly, good for them if they went away to some other planet - perhaps we will some day!

          I'm going to roll philosophy and religion into one, because I feel my discussion and arguments will cover both. I'm going to throw my personal views as a Christian here, but unfortunately I'm not going to be around for the next few days to follow them up.

          > Religion is just a state of mind in many ways..
          > There is no proof it's real..

          Post-modernism..."there is no absolute truth"
          But surely by saying that there is no absolute truth, you have just pronounced an absolute truth? You can say that all religions are equally valid, but when certain religions are exclusive in their beliefs, either the religion is false of it is true - it cannot exist in a system where it is one among many. This is most certainly true of Christianity, where Jesus claims that he is the one and only way to know God. Now either that is true or false. There is evidence that is it true, which I will explain more later, but in the end, there is no way to prove or disprove God, since He is outside of our systems of logic and proof. The highest authority must be self-attesting, otherwise it is not the highest authority.

          > Well here is what I think about "God."
          > There has never been any proof of Jesus,God or any of that.
          > And if there was I wouldn't be writing this.

          On the contrary, there is more solid historical evidence for the existence of a man named Jesus in 1st century Palestine than there is of many other ancient history characters that we are quite happy to believe existed. Indeed, there is much more textual evidence for the existence of Jesus and the things he did (also backed up by other non-Christian authors). The first manuscripts that we have are dated only 50 years after the events took place, well within living memory, and the many tens or hundreds of copies that we have are incredibly accurate (ie they agree with each other). They are also historically accurate, agreeing with other documents from that period. This is a lot more literary evidence than many others that are not doubted in the least.

          Now the Gospels (the four accounts of Jesus' life), particularly Luke's gospel, are very clear that they set our to portray a historical story of the events that happened. Read the first few paragraphs of Luke's gospel to see what I mean. The gospels do not paint a particularly rosy picture of Jesus' disciples: simple-minded ordinary folk, quick to run from difficult situations (e.g. Peter when Jesus has been arrested). There must have been some miraculous change in those men for them to consider risking (and losing) their lives for their convictions. It is almost inconceivable that these men changed from the fearful, shy people that they were before, to the bold, convicted, zealous proclaimers and speakers that they became.

          > If there is a true "God" then why
          > would he send people to a place of eternal pain. Yes I ounce believed in God
          > when I was about 12 years old. But one day I woke up and I thought about it.

          Can I just ask you, would you prefer it that the murderers and rapists of this world get off scot-free? I personally find it quite reassuring that one day, the injustice of this world will be righted. And because it's clearly spelt out in the bible how God will judge people, we cannot complain of it being unfair.

          > There is no proof of "God" or any of those people that were in the bible
          > back then. For all we know the bible is just a damn fairy tale that people
          > took way to seriously like "Star Trek." Where people would start to think
          > it's real and they would go insane.

          There's no 'proof' that Julius Caesar existed, but you believe that also, don't you? The gospels, as I have said, were clearly laid out to be understandable and to be believed, as eye-witness accounts. In those accounts, Jesus speaks again and again about the Old Testament books as history. He obviously believed that the older books were not just a fairy tale, but were literal history, and God's words. In addition, Jesus claimed that he was the Son of God and equal with God, which on its own is quite a big claim to make. Based on this statement, the lines of thought that we can take can lead to three potential conclusions: Jesus was either mad, bad or God. If he was mad, then how was it that Jesus managed to attract such a large following of people, and equally well, how can the miracles that he performed be accounted for? Now mad people have attracted large followings in themselves, but in this enlightened age that we live in now, we can look back in hindsight, and pull apart inconsistencies in their teaching and lifestyle. However, if you look back at Jesus' life as reported in the bible, you can not find any such inconsistencies - his teaching stands, being totally self-consistent, which is quite a feat in itself for 3 years worth of teaching, and the way he lived his life reflects what he taught - peace, love, forgiveness and truth. Equally well, could Jesus have been bad, set to lead people astray? Jesus himself, when challenged on this point, says how can evil fight against evil -- what kind of kingdom fights against itself? Also, how did Jesus' life manage to fit so many of the Old Testament prophesies about the coming Messiah, even down to where Jesus was born and how he was killed, things obviously out of Jesus' control? Surely then, God was at work, bringing to completion his master plan to reconcile a fallen, rebellious human race to himself. A plan such that we don't have to do anything to have a personal relationship with our God and creator, since it has all been done for us in Jesus' death on the cross, and resurrection from the dead.

          > Religion is just faith in something that doesn't exist!

          Is faith just a psychological crutch? In the end this decision should not come down to 'Does it make me feel good?' but rather 'Is it true?'. There is certainly no more evidence that God does not exist than there is for the fact that he does exist. You can't see me, but that doesn't mean I don't exist. I have written to you here to reveal myself to you. Equally well, God reveals Himself through His word, the bible, and through the wonders of creation. Look around you at the beauty and complexity of this world, and tell me that you honestly think that we are here by random chance. Fall in love and tell me that we are just carriers of genes here to pass on our genetic make up, here purely by chance evolution from apes. No, there is someone out there, much greater than anyone could imagine that has set this world in motion. But the great news that Christianity brings is that He has not sat back to let the world continue on its own, but that He wants to know each and every one of the individuals that He has created.

          > And even if there was a high power or being such as "God" then it would
          > become corrupt.

          Who are you or I, as mere mortals, to say what would happen to God? This God that we talk about is infinitely bigger than anything we could comprehend, so who are we to talk about or limit God or even to give Him a human nature?

          > And what the hell is this thing about "Hell"? If you don't belive in "God"
          > then you get sent to hell! I mean that's just bull ****!

          If God is creator, which is the Christian belief, then He has every right to make whatever choices that He wants. Fortunately for us, He is a perfect and just God, and has revealed to us how we can know Him, and as a gift, not through anything that we can do, we can receive eternal life, rather than eternal separation from Him, from everything that is good. Through Jesus' sacrificial and substitutionary death, God's wrath is laid on him, and by His grace we can know peace with him by putting our trust in Jesus' gift. We have all turned our backs against God, rebelling against his sovereign kingship, and tried to put the crown on our own heads. And this world that we see today, the poverty and destruction, is the result of us trying to run things our own way: basically it doesn't work, and we're heading for God's just judgment with nothing to defend us. The pass mark is 100%, since God is perfect, and not even the nicest person in the world measures up to that - we all fall short. And so we all come under God's judgment, which I think we can all agree is not a good thing. The great news of the Christian message is that we need not fall under that judgment, since Jesus has already taken the punishment. That's quite a big thing really: while we were still rebelling against God, He sent in His one and only son that we might not perish, but that we might be able to spend eternity with Him. That is what is on offer, if only we will swallow our pride and accept that we do need help, that there is no way to get there on our own.

          Anyway, I would encourage you to pick up a bible and see whether what I have summarised here makes sense with what is in there. I will provide references for particular points if you want, just let me know which bits. I find this site very useful as it contains several translations of the bible. And if you don't know where to start, one of the gospels is a good bet. Luke or John are both accessible and fairly easy reads.

          Phew that was quite a marathon post, I hope that it is helpful in understanding my viewpoint as a Christian.

          John Percival

          Artificial intelligence usually beats real stupidity ;)


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            While I am personally not a Christian and have different basic beliefs (i.e., I don't believe in Hell but instead of Karmic Retribution for the punishment of misdeeds), I think that was very well written.

            I also believe there is more than enough proof for the Divine and for me to place my faith in religion.
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              religion doesn't need proof since it's based on faith. it's not something you can argue from either side.


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                A modicum amount of proof is needed to find the religion that is best for you so that you can make that leap of faith.
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                  Death: I beleive that people are reborn when they die. Who knows, I could be William the Conqueror Reborn! Muhaha! *cough*

                  Dino's: what wayne said

                  Religion: What Jakeman said


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                    This is ramsey. I just didn't like that alias that mush D:

                    Also, yes I know Jesus is real. Those were just stuff I worte through out time, on notepad. So I just combined them.

                    In my philosophy about life and my sort of philosophy about "God" I figured out that they could be the same thing. People just don't reolize that the eart was made out of a big bang and not the all mighty "GOD!"

                    Here is my new *updated* philosophy:

                    What if "God" is nothing but a simple life source of the earth. What if there is no after life and your "soul", "life" or what ever you want to call it just helps the earth grow? For example: When a salmon dies it helps the "eco-system" survive, in Oregon and in places like that.

                    Also there is not really evedence on how the earth has survived for so long. Like we dont even know if there was a "sun" 65 billion years ago. So how do we know that the earth just dosn't have a life source?

                    The truth is we dont! This is a lot like the "Final Fantasy" theory. And one of the most logical explanations is that there is a life source for the earth when things die. You can't prove it, but you can't prove there isn't.

                    Like what if all these "miracles" this man Jesus did were just harnesed by this "life source." Like what if he somehow knew how to controll it and basicly didn't tell anyone and he had a different name for the "life source" , and it's name was "God." Like he could have not told anyone how he did it and he knew there was bound to be somone elts that would figure it out sometime in history, so he just didn't tell anyone!

                    And that's why people think there is going to be a new "christ." Although I don't belive in this Philosopy/Theory, it's the best "spiritual" thing I could think of. This and my other theory about god are my 2 things I belive in.

                    Ohh yeah and *bump*.


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                      Originally posted by Dalius
                      Religion: What Jakeman said
                      wow, cool. i've found it hard to find people who share my same views on that subject.


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                        Life: Void. Darkness. Nothing. Emptyness.

                        Dinosaurs: They evolved into birds.

                        Religion: Means to control people with 'rules' you must follow or else you will go to hell.

                        It is true Jesus existed, however most likely he was just a skilled cleric, and people got this strange idea that he was the son of god because of this. It is also an established fact thar Jesus was jewish.


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                          life: Another existance. Heaven, nah.. far too simplistic. The reality is beyond our understanding.

                          dinos: BBC said it, so it is so! Climate changes meant that they were already on their way out but a comet hit and extinguished the majority of the populations. Some survived an evolved into various other creatures. If you watched "walking with beasts" you'll have seen there were many other species of animal (even human) that are no longer with us.

                          religion: Theories to explain life and death. Humans have a need for understanding. Unfortunately they didn't follow the works of Archimedes etc because some narrow minded individuals decided that their theories on existance were the only ones and if you didn't believe them too then you were a heretic.

                          On Jesus, yes he did exist. Was he the son of god, probably not. Was he a good rebel leader against the Roman occupation, too right. Until they caught up with him though!

                          Is the a god, yes and no. No in the traditional sense of watching over each of us. I perfer to think of the whole universe as a living entity in itself rather than just one supreme being.
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                            This might be off-topic but I doubt it...

                            Why does everyone limit their thinking of Religion to the Judeo-Christian-Islamic Theocracy?

                            Those three religions account for less 1/4 of the world's population yet they seem to be the first thing that people think of when they speak about religion. There are many more ways of thinking including some that believe that we weren't created by Gods but that we created the Gods. Even religious sects thought to be long dead such as followers of the Pantheon of Ancient Greece or the gods of Egypt are still alive. They are no longer mainstream but they are still worshipped. This doesn't make them wrong, just maybe that they are wrong for you.

                            Most religions favor the same precepts some in qordy and structured documents like the Bible and Koran. Others have those precepts handed down through generations or from teacher to student.

                            Religion takes many forms and is not necessarily limited to the God-Prophet motive utilized by the Judeo-Christian-Islamic Theocracy. Others believe in a Universal Power Source. Some believe the spark of God and/or Goddess is in everything from plants and animals to people and that all life is sacred from the littlest microbe to the largest whale. Still other's believe life is nothing but a dream in a conscience pool of thought. And yes there are those of you that are Humanists that believe there is no god and that there is nothing to life but living and dying. That too is a religion whether you want to believe it or not. Religion isn't some set of rules to follow nor is it going to church every week. It is a lifestyle and if you follow the concepts of your religion you practice it everyday and in everything you do. You become the religion so to speak. Part of this is based on faith, part on feeling and part on seeing what you believe in the world around you.
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                              Life: Miracle
                              Dinos: Answer this one: Where did they come from?
                              I mean, all that scientists say it was a Comet that extinguished Dinos and blahblahblah.
                              Has anyone ever actually asked them
                              How did they come and how did they get here?
                              It's like the Chicken and Egg Dilemma, what came first?
                              Religion: I'm a Christian and i do believe in GOD(Divine Existence). What if all this that we know as Universe is GOD?
                              If you don't believe in GOD, then who made all things? it just happened? random explosion(BIG BANG)??if so, then what the hell exploded, vacuum?
                              Scientists in their quest to prove GOD's non-existance will be the first ones to feel his presence, to actually feel his work, his Universe, it's just too perfect to be a random event like BIG BANG
                              You're my Prince of Peace
                              And I will live my life for You


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