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What do Members here Think about Flat Rate Support with Upgrades / Updates included ?

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    I am sorry Mark But as a Rep of the Support team your comment is a bit out of line..and unprofessional...
    By telling me to keep to the X files, I do not even watch...
    And again I point out I did not state that you did... I said it was possible...Only...

    You mean your working to solve issues like this? Right...The one I solved? With all that great support?

    Since it is written in stone as you mentioned, earlier, in the thread... why would you even come back and post when this is an Opinion about billing ?
    Seems like you had time for a break...

    I know you do not like me or my attitude, but since I too have been in customer support all of my life...
    I think I am qualified and entitled to my opinion...
    But I do not Voice it, when dealing with a client as you do...
    That make the difference between a true professional and a wanna be...

    Even though a client is raising Cain and telling you not to bother with something because they are so disgusted with silly questions and reply's,
    does not relieve the Company of the same Level of support for all. Personally I do not mind if you help me or not. since if I was waiting for it...
    I would still not know how to solve the above referenced post...
    Here I go again...
    I have 15 Live members on my site...So even if you want to bash me stop in and visit please...
    ... Been around for yrs


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      He came back because you posted again and he got a notification, just like the rest of us.

      Here's a suggestion: Why not give it a rest? Whatever point you once had (whatever that was) surely should have been laid to rest by now. Get over it. Give it up. Move on.
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        Originally posted by Inspector G View Post
        I am sorry Mark But as a Rep of the Support team your comment is a bit out of line..and unprofessional...
        Then please don't make offensive allegations about staff fraudulently altering polls.

        Being a customer doesn't give you the right to make offensive comments to staff.

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          I think this thread's gone far enough now...
          Vote for:

          - *Admin Settable Paid Subscription Reminder Timeframe*
          *PM - Add ability to reply to originator only*
          - Add Admin ability to auto-subscribe users to specific channel(s)
          - "Quick Route" Interface...


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