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VERY BAD. Has anyone had to deal with this yet?

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  • VERY BAD. Has anyone had to deal with this yet?


    I just lost two really, really great girls these passed 30 days. has never been in such a depression.

    First was Westend Girl:

    Next was Sara Smile:

    Has anyone had to deal with things like this yet?
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      A well known and loved member of our forums died ... It really hit the heart of our community.

      The worst part about it ... was that it was a hoax.

      Everything about her was a hoax. She was an outstanding part of our community for about a year and we learned everything she told us was completely false.

      I dont know if I can really convey this, but you can imagine it.
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        I've know 17 people who have died. 6 of them commited suicide. Nothing else will suifice, let depression set in and run it's course.
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          None of my own forum members thank god (at least not that I know of), however I do have a friend who lost his daughter in a drunk driving accident last year. Man that was hard.

          Really sucks Sal, what can I say. Lets just hope those 2 passed on are in a better place..
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            maybe i'm just heartless, but i don't get emotional about death... i'm indifferent to it. it seems counterproductive to get emotional about something you can't control.

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              Ars just lost a guy named Ring to diabetes Quite a sad day

              R.I.P. Ring


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                I just don't get why people commit suicide...
                Well, there it is.
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                  ummmm i have been there in a way. i got very close to it...

                  and i'm still only 16. my own doctor asked me how i kept from going insane...if that's any indication of how bad i got

                  i've been through....7+ meds and 7+ shrinks (i was forced to go to them)

                  I am now finally starting to pull together, though at times i still have thoughts of death in mind


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                    suicide is a solution to a problem. like everything in life, there are several solutions that all of us consider... then we select the best solution and go with it. why do people committ suicide? ... because suicide seemed like the best solution at the time. do we really need to look into it further? k-thx-bye

                    i guess i'm kinda like... why should i care? it was their decision to kill themselves. how does that effect me? it shouldn't effect me, *that* is the ideal... fault tolerance to life's hardships. i'm in a RAID 1 configuration. too many people are running a RAID 0.
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                      One of my friends parents commited suicide, now that was rough
                      I used to be the same way Jakeman, but after that, I tend to get a little sinking feeling down in my stomach, I really feel for them.

                      One thing that really angers me is bullys who bully these kids into commitiing suicide. That REALLY angers me.
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                        Well, unless a forum member of ours has another real life friend that posts at the same forum......we arent sure if they are dead. We just figure that they lost isp or dont visit the forum anymore....


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                          We have dealt with this several times. Usually it's just a matter of supportive threads and one thing we have done is have some one make a special piece of clipart "in rememberance" that people can use.
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                            Suicide is a hard thing to carry out - and not nice for those around you.

                            When I was about 17/18 I found out my sister was raped and it really cut me deep inside. I felt that as a brother I should have been there for her to protect her, and I felt sickened by this.

                            It got to the stage where I got a knife and tried cutting my arm, but I didn't feel anything - that was when I realised I was too messed up and needed help.
                            I told my mother and she got me to see the doctor who then put me on Prozac... no shrink - just pills that turn you into a zombie.
                            He even forgot about me for 6 months - then I went back and he was like "whoops you were only meant to be on them a month - sorry about that".
                            Because I was on Prozac I had a car crash too. Luckily noone was hurt, but a lot of people who saw the wreckage said that I was lucky to be alive.

                            I then went and saw a shrink and took myself off the Prozac. Now I am a lot more stable and I am putting it behind me. My sister is now near enough recovered - she does still have bad memories but she is coping well.

                            What sickens me is that evil bastard lives about 100feet away from us. We made sure he remembered what he done and it wasn't with the useless police help.



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                              its the twilight zone
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