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    Just did clean install by myself. My database was full of BS posts and users who never post so it's not a big loss. Let's see what is the deal with HR new datacenter....


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      Haha looks like it's back up with new screwy posts. Hey u should top that post about HR.
      Well, there it is.
      - Keeper of the Grove


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        I didn't know that losing the database could be so fun! They register user names of people they hate and make fun of them. Also, after 30 minutes of being online I got 54 posts. Seems like everybody were sitting and hitting refresh button.


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          Originally posted by smachol
          It was because of HR that I ended up at VO!
          Same here. I hated HR's support and uptime with a passion.


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            "strike" could have avoided a lot of grief if he had simply made a few backups of his database.

            Hostrocket supports "cron" jobs which are are very easy to setup to make daily backups.

            Also, Hostrocket supports "myPHPadmin" which is another "and very easy way" of backing up your database.

            I told him this on the HR support boards and he said he "wasn't a computer genius" (or something to that effect).

            I pointed him to a thread (on HR's support forums no less) that gives *explicit* directions on backup and restore of your dbase.

            Let's not forget that VB has a "built in" backup solution right from the control panel! I'm guessing "strike" never bothered to use this feature?

            At some point, people need to take some responsibility for backing up their own data...
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              So, if I do a back up through my VB CP is it going to back up my database too?


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                Originally posted by Strike
                So, if I do a back up through my VB CP is it going to back up my database too?
                That function is specifically for backing up your VB database.


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                  I guess I learned this future the hard way. The thing is, if you don't know something you don't know it PERIOD!


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                    Well, I was thinking of deleteing a dB that was for a illegal board, and being I figured I might cause some trouble I did not, and the guy was very pissed, and told me I would be looking at a lw suit, good thing I did not delete the dB, he told me he would take the board down, and the next day he moved hosts, and I deleted the dB then.

                    I was thinking he did not pay for the vB software, then he did not own the dB, but I did not want to start something, I feel bad about not sticking to my guns, but it was real horse crap ya know.


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                      Originally posted by wert
                      At some point, people need to take some responsibility for backing up their own data...
                      Very good point! When HR 'lost' my site I had a backup that was a couple of days old. Once I figured out that HR wasn't interested in helping me, I quickly opened an account with VO, restored the database and was up and running with only a few hours downtime.

                      Since then I've become even more fanatical about backups. I use cron jos to backup my database twice a day and again once per week. I also pay my host extra for daily backups of the entire site.
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                        HR totally suck.

                        When I joined them they had a good reputation.

                        Then it gradually went from ok, to extremely poor. I used to laugh so hard when i would complain about the uptime and tell them that their claim of 99. whatever uptime was idiocy and they used to say it was correct.

                        Uptime was very poor.

                        Trouble tickets recieved 5 word answers at best, if at all.

                        They really are not interested in helping you when things go wrong, and trust me they will.

                        I even left and they continued to charge me for 3 months after!!!!

                        I might send an email to that hostrocketsucks site lol.


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                          This is PRICELESS:


                          I fixed this problem with your account. I apologize for the inconvenience.

                          Chad Diamantopoulos


                          He didn't do anything and now he is trying to claim that he helped me. I asked him if he found my old database but he just closed the ticket. This is so funny they should charge for the entertainment value!


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                            HostRocket used to be one of recommended host long ago on WHT ( but they changed after they got somewhat big... or maybe it's just the way it goes for all hosts when they get large.


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                              What the heck is a "Diamantopoulos" ?!!??
                              Well, there it is.
                              - Keeper of the Grove


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                                Originally posted by Skeptical
                                What the heck is a "Diamantopoulos" ?!!??
                                A very small mollusc that lives around the HostRocket building. Easily recognizable by its extremely big mouth and small brain capacity.


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