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  • A rant

    While I think our policy here of not allowing bashing of other ~cough~comparable~cough~ products is a good one, sometimes it just gets on my nerves.

    This is especially true when I get linked to certain other product's support boards (which aren't using the product they are supporting [insert snicker because we know why]) and I see all their moderators making unsupportable insinuations about why their php product is better (though they won't address features), like:

    What I can tell you is that we provide customer support that makes other company's support systems pale in comparison. Not only does our *entire* staff of 24 (not counting moderators and rabid fans) post several times daily on these support forums, but we also have a trouble ticket system monitored daily, even on the weekends and holidays (where else could you find support on Christmas day?)
    As if we didn't offer support on Christmas Day? I personally answerd about 10 support tickets, and our average response stayed under 4 hours over the entire holiday period. We don't even charge $200-300 year for support like some other products whose names we won't mention.
    I also love how they seem to insinuate that having their "*entire* staff of 24" in one overpriced office building is a good thing. Our support staff is located around the world, so we *know* someone is always awake and looking in the support system instead of having our entire staff asleep at the same time and wasting precious time we can be offering support by having to battle a certain city's notoriously bad rush hour traffic. It's the modern world, folks. Telecommuting is much more efficient (and 'greener'!)

    From what I understand, vBulletin's pricing is slightly behind [product name deleted so John won't spank me]. Given the maturity and quality of [no spanky, please], its well worth the price.
    Our support is world-class and that is what puts up highly above the rest. We are the only downloadable message board provider that has an address that you can visit, a phone number you can call and an actual office. We are a company, not a scattered group. To most people, its important that their money goes to someone they can trust and who won't be gone in the blink of an eye.
    Is used to justify an outrageous increase in the product since they took it over. A non-commercial license was $200 cheaper in October. Did their acquisition of a product suddenly make it mature? Or are they just greedy and trying to price themselves out of the market?
    I love how they say that their support is above all the rest. I check our support system at least once an hour and answer anything in there that is within my scope of knowledge, and let others know when there is something in there that needs their attention. Our current average response time for the last 30 incidents is 1 hour 29 minutes, and I can't tell you how many times I've gone onto peoples' server and fixed things for them without charging the other company's $149/incident fee.
    I also love how they inisinuate we will be gone in the blink of an eye. As if. Someone just lowered their prices from a ridiculous pricing scheme, and if I had to hazard a guess as to why, I would say its because they are getting their asses kicked in the market place.


    Voyeur, our basic support that is provided with all our licenses is second to none. The support that you can opt to buy for $199 with the license (or $299 thereafter), just kicks it up a notch.
    um. we don't charge to "kick it up a notch"

    and, saving the best for last:

    Since the COPPA mechanism, [no spanky, please]Code, smilies, and half of the other items on the list were invented by [no spanky, please], who better to help you use them?
    I don't think I need to explain the arrogance in that post. In fact, I can't stop laughing.

    If you've read this far, thanx for letting me vent.

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    Nice vent


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      It is a good policy... because when you have a superior product with superior service it shows and if anybody want's to believe their B.S. they will learn soon enough.
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        Yes, I agree. It just totally misinforms the public about us and if we were to try to defend the accusations and insinuations, they would say we were trying to advertise our product and delete the thread.


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          I console myself with the knowledge that truth generally wins out, and superior products and companies will do better in the long run than inferior ones.

          After all, how many of us once used that other product? And how many on the other BB's support forums switched over to that product from vB.

          Case closed!
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            hell vB is a hella of a deal for the price. I mean, they could sell it for three times as much and people would still buy it [don't be getting any ideas here :\ ]. When you have a superior product and superior support you dont have to tell your customers.. we have superior support. They'll find it by reading your forums and NOTICING that there is superior support.


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              Why I prefer vB support:

              I've never been told off for 'me too-ing' in a support thread.


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                Talk about support... at least vB customers don't get rude responses and banned for whatever reason. You can just tell when a company can't hold itself up against that of another. They don't talk about current features or performance. They talk about how they "invented" the smiley, how they "invented" the flat-threaded bbs, how they have "soul", how they are not "scattered" across the world, how mysql is inferior to flat file handling. Wow geez I'm so excited I'm about to fall asleep...
                Well, there it is.
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                  Somebody should sue their sorry asses out of business.


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                    umm....Why does it matter who invented the smiley? Ya know what...GREAT! Good for them, I'm glad they invented it, someone was going to eventually...Just means now we all can use it, and ours is still cheaper They dance around issues instead of fixing them, and they call that support? Nah, I just call that their forums, they don't deserve the word "Support" as a pre-fix


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                      Actually, I HIGHLY doubt the guy you are talking about invented the smilie.

                      In fact, the first mention of smilies (before images on the 'Net even existed) was in 1982 by a student at Carnegie Mellon. You can read it

                      The idea of converting them into images was merely inncidental and obviously inevitable.



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                        More FUD marketing from a company that tried to debate their products were better on a technical level, and failed... and now is trying to debate their support (which you need to pay to "kick it up a notch") is better....


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                          well said Martin
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                            I aggree with what Martin said
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                              as an example of how we try to offer "top notch" support, as I speak, our 30 issue avg response time is sitting at 49 minutes. Personally, I've handled 33 support issues (for a total of over 40 responses) in the last 4-1/2 hours. Most of them were simple sales issues, 4 of them required logging onto the person's board and/or server, 2 of them are still unresolved, but look like hosting issues.

                              I can't tell you how much that statement about our support pissed me off...


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