all successfull forum site admis i need suggestion

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  • Jntu Hub
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    • May 2011
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    all successfull forum site admis i need suggestion

    i have started new community, i seriously need suggestion for all guys to make my community a successful one. what are the main tips to get more members , more posts by members , any contest ideas?? | |
  • David Copeland
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    Personal Opinion Only:

    Originally posted by Jntu Hub
    i have started new community, i seriously need suggestion for all guys to make my community a successful one. what are the main tips to get more members , more posts by members , any contest ideas??
    Before we purchased VBulletin twelve (12)years ago in 2000, there were two types of forums on the internet:

    Type 1: A free-for-all, where members can sign up for free using any User Name they want, including such characters as "Complaining Joe" or "Sassy Suzy". There is no moderation, and members get instant access after they verify their email address. The Forum Rules were nothing more than the canned version of what the software provided - and then the fights, arguments, and trolling wars begin. But the admin is happy because his site of growing, with lots of controversy, and is failing to see that this type of site is getting a bad rap, and is driving away folks who just want to get along in a lawful community.

    Type 2: In the beginning, the Type 2 forums required a persons first name - so everyone would be less likely to trash post and get to know each other on a first name basis. The Forum Rules were a little more detailed, but soon the admin started appointing his buddy's to be moderators and co-admins - and soon the jerks became the new sheriff's in town - quick to draw their pistols at decent folks - and ban them for life - all because the admins and mod's ego's got bruised - and the "extra rules of conduct" were not posted, but only made up as they went along. Good idea for Type 2, but failed in the end because of lack of training qualified mods and admins to work with the members and not against them.

    So we started our forum with these two types in mind. The first question asked by admin on the forum 12 years ago was, "Does anyone need help with anything?"

    Twelve years later we have nearly half-million discussions, and over 40,000 members. (We actually lost 30,000 members in an update years ago and started over).

    But our forum rules has grown to become Terms of Use Agreement - a massive undertaking that all members must agree to. Although we started with the canned rules, folks started acting like children and had to know (in detail) how to conduct themselves. We also require a drivers license when registering to make sure the member is an adult for our site, along with the requirement they use their real first and real last name, with real state or country. Wow . . . that knocked a lot of people out of considering to register. But something odd happened. We began to attract decent folks who wanted the lawful community and wanted a fair and balanced approach to our themes. We ended up getting MORE members join because our reputation is that we are one of the nicest forums on the net - meaning no cowboys, trolls, abusers, and the like.

    When folks write under their real name (yes, they can request a pen name if there is an issue with their security) - they seem to be able to communicate with more respect (maybe because Grandma may be reading what Johnny is really writing). As you can see, I have a User Account here under a first and last name as I use on our forums.

    My advice - start with a strong foundation, with good rules and PROTECTION against potential lawsuits. Once you have these items in place - then the marketing and promotion is very easy - especially if you employ some professionals for as little as $2/hr to drive business your way.

    Here is a public link to out current "rules": Link Source

    The above link also contains sub-links for additional Terms of Use, including provisions in case a forum gets a whacko with $350 to walk down to the Federal Court House and file a pro se lawsuit against you - forcing you to come up with $15,000 to hire a federal civil attorney to just "answer" the complaint. In the USA, anyone can do this without having to pay your legal costs to defend yourself. All it takes is ONE member with a grudge - and that member will cost you BIG time. If you have a strong Terms of Use Agreement (like ours), you can at least have an attorney make a Motion to Dismiss based on the member's agreement to arbitrate (at his expense) or to keep it in small claims court, or at the very least - keep it in state court.

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    • Jntu Hub
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      any more replys? | |


      • Artur Araripe
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        You need to have a nice tematic (like computers, or soccer, something than will be the center theme of your forum). You will need to call the members. Do marketing at social networks, call your friends. Install vBSEO at your board to put your forum in Google. Several members will come.
        After that, you need to create your staff team, with experienced members, etc...
        These are my tips for you
        Sorry about my english.


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