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Free bulletin board seems to be better than ever

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  • Free bulletin board seems to be better than ever

    i made a webpage with free script, and i have add something like 30 forums and so i have see lot of forum.

    I don't want to compare with vB it's ridiculous to compare two differents things.
    I see 3 good free bulletin board (burning board, phpBB and openBB) and i see that people who doesn't want to pay for a vB, ubb or something else will have a product with quality and choice.
    When i start to use for my homepage a bulletin board the possibility (for free board) was simple phpBB or phpBB ?
    So it's amazing to see how many bulletin board you can take now.

    the bad things every board have the same layout and (exept phpBB) no one try to be dfferent than ubb or vB.
    You can compare burning board and vB you will not see lot of difference so each board haven't his own identity

    so what do you think about free bulletin board (not a compare with vB please) ?

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    I agree while vB is the best, I can not afford a license all the time, I use phpBB 2.0 RC2, as I find it a very close and it being free.

    Burning board is not as secure, nor is openBB, as the last time I checked. Any BB is great if it gets what you need done, done

    That is just my personal outlook, you might be different I do not know you preference.


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      I used to religiously follow the free boards.. just about every one. The only one I can say that is actually half-decent (IMHO) is IB. The real problem is their corruptability.. after you hit a good amount of people then they just crumple. I guess the idea is that when you have that many people on your site you should have enough $$$ to purchase vB... but the plain fact that it doesnt crumple after you hit 10,000 users and a million posts is where the real strength is.. I dont know of any free boards that can do that.


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        vB is like a Ferrari or a Porsche, it got the looks, the soul, and its fast as hell
        Dont judge things only by the outer appearance
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          Isn't Burning Board a vB ripoff? I thought I remembered seeing a bunch of threads about that..
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            Originally posted by Valkyre
            Isn't Burning Board a vB ripoff? I thought I remembered seeing a bunch of threads about that..
            Yes it's a knockoff I think.
            Well, there it is.
            - Keeper of the Grove


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              Yeah, yeah, I was once like floleb7.
              I went from free forums, ubb, phpbb, IB etc etc.

              One thing to note for ya, paid software does have at least a reason to be a paid software. And when you realize that, you are an adult. j/k It does not mean free ones are bad. it's that paid software does have reaons to be there and be used. They have their places such as for large commercial. They are designed for that. Free ones are generally for small / hobby and mid size sites although you do have choice of using paid ones.
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                I would agree, WBB (known as Burning Board) does look like a vBulletin knockoff with a control panel that mimicks iKonboards (almost exactly other from the colors). I is kinda sad that they could not make their own . While I am on the subject, if you will look at some of their hacks, they are the exact same ones made for vBulletin, just ported to work with WBB from what I can see.

                OpenBB is nice at a glance, but it has the same layout which does not really make it any different. What makes it different is is wild out of order control panel. There are links all over the place (at least in previous versions).

                Enough bashing though, everyone will have their own opinions on which is best, I bought vBulletin, I am content with it and I will remain with it until Jesoft closes out or spikes the prices to what UBB used to make you pay .

                Just my personal opinion, I would have to say if you are going to go with a free board, go with phpBB 2.0. If you decide to buy a message board, vBulletin should be it hands down. You will find more features/addons with vBulletin than any other board that I know of.



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                  openBB is a wannabe vB clone.. the companies name is even a jelsoft rip........... Iansoft hahaha.


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                    ezboard forever!


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                      Originally posted by Jakeman
                      ezboard forever!
                      Need a job done? Get in contact with me and we'll see what we can work out.


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                        ezboard sucks


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                          why did i buy a vbulletin license when.. i could have had EZBOARD!.


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                            ezboard sucks like hell


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                              Ezboard is massive and active community though - in theory it works very well with the local and global accounts. Its just slow, and the power is outta your hands. Which doesn't make it good for us tech geeks who like to see whats going and tweak if we want to change anything.

                              Ezboard is horrible to use if you do not pay to have the banners removed, or have a personal account from which you have donated. They're probably a lot futher ahead in areas such as revenue and advertising that most vB users. Obvioulsy you do not receive any of the profits (if there are such as thing anymore in this Internet age..) from advertising.

                              For people starting out in the world of forums, web design and communities - Ezboard is excellent.
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