i made a webpage with free script, and i have add something like 30 forums and so i have see lot of forum.

I don't want to compare with vB it's ridiculous to compare two differents things.
I see 3 good free bulletin board (burning board, phpBB and openBB) and i see that people who doesn't want to pay for a vB, ubb or something else will have a product with quality and choice.
When i start to use for my homepage a bulletin board the possibility (for free board) was simple phpBB or phpBB ?
So it's amazing to see how many bulletin board you can take now.

the bad things every board have the same layout and (exept phpBB) no one try to be dfferent than ubb or vB.
You can compare burning board and vB you will not see lot of difference so each board haven't his own identity

so what do you think about free bulletin board (not a compare with vB please) ?