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    Just went over to and one word comes to mind.


    Great job on those forums bane - im jealous!

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    wow, very nice indeed. lots of template mods. he has completely changed the basic layout on many pages, and i'm not just talking about the nav column either. it's more simple... and very effective.

    oh no! didn't bane get nominated for next month?! aw man! not competition again!


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      powered by

      vbGate ?? I haven't seen that and it isn't clickable.
      Is this a portal system to vBulletin 2.2.2? And is it downloadable or for sale?


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        *me searches on google*


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          Good job Bane, love the new style


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            nice just the fonts too small!
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              That is absolutely amazing! You did a tremendous job on it. I do not, however, envy your job to convert it to vB3 in a few months.


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                Originally posted by Jakeman
                oh no! didn't bane get nominated for next month?! aw man! not competition again! [/B]
                Damn, I got nominated again too...

                /me runs off to mark loss #4 on the wall


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                  vBGate is something he made, very nice work. Its a small CMS he made. He just upgraded to VB 2.2.2, so I imagine he might not upgrad for a bit, nor do I blame him, why mess with success...

                  As far as the small text goes, you can change it when viewing a post. Its really great. I love it. At the moment no offense Tube, I voted for you last time, but My vote so far is for Bane.

                  Mouth the designing Mod did the some of the graphic work, very nice.
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                    Very nice and consistent design!
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                      Thanks all, We worked pretty hard on it. Mostly on making all the hacks commented and such so that when it comes time to upgrade to vb3 I don't cry.

                      vbGate is just a quick CMS put together to drop some of the bulk that was vbPortal. It does exactly what it needs to and no more. vbPortal just loaded too much stuff with it. I decided to give it a name cuz it makes me feel important.

                      btw George, the font too small? I looked at the size of the font on AB and it seems the same? Did you mean something else?

                      Just so you guys know I am actively looking for ways to make it better so tips are appreciated. Glad you guys like the look and feel free to drop in.


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                        Originally posted by tubedogg
                        Damn, I got nominated again too...

                        /me runs off to mark loss #4 on the wall
                        haha, looks like we are both out this time through.


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                          I made nomination!!!!! wooohhooooo

                          Your site looks really good!


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                            lol, none of us got on the final nomination list.


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                              Looks awesome bane, great work!

                              Version Pi lol.
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