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  • Way Off-Topic CompleteVB

    I'd been looking for a new design for my place and CompleteVB seemed to have some decent designs for a reasonable price.
    I always do some research before spending my $'s and came across this :-

    Sorry to vent here, but as some of you know I own a few forums. I needed some custom work done for a growing forum and looked around for a good designer. I should have known from the 1/2 ass reply in emails and the unprofessional language that Matt at CompleteVB was not a good choice. But I liked his design and went forward.

    We paid him half up front mid-October and he never contacted us for 3 weeks. We set a deadline of being done in a month and a half. After we sent a few emails he finally responded that he was on vacation.

    After a few more weeks he started working. After he showed us our first picture of his design, we laughed. It was horrible. There was no attention to detail and it was apparent that he was trying to skate away without doing any real work.

    By mid-December, yes, 3 weeks past the deadline, he finally submitted a reasonable proof. We accepted and he stated he needed the second half of the payment to be paid at that time as he would not put it on our site until it was paid. After a day of thinking about it and needing it done, we paid. He did nothing else for another month.

    We threatened him with a law suite and he started to work. It has been slow and there is a serious lack of communication. It is currently the end of February and he is stating that the forum now is done and looks like the proof we accepted. The site is filled with bugs and many items do not work. Items like customizing our home page have never been started and he states that it was not in the contract even though we clearly have it in emails.

    Never, ever let this guy do anything to your site and never ask him to do anything on a timeline.

    We spent a good amount of money to deal with him and still not have a usable product. All I hope is that I can save someone else from going down this same path!
    Original Here

    Anyone else had problems with their service ?

    Thanks for any information.

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    Never had a problem with them but only purchase pre-made designs.
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      Paid him for a custom theme and 1 month later the money was returned, used the pre-made and its always been fine but the moment we required custom work it was useless.


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        Same as TheBen, used the pre made skins no problems, but to try to get a custom skin is a waste of time or money from them.

        You could try these guys;


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          Thanks for the replies guys.
          I think I'll use someone else for a custom design.


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            I really wish I had seen this prior to hiring him. My story is very similar to the one in the original post. Paid him a 50% deposit, all sorts of excuses why not much had been done (vacations, moving, traveling, etc.), had to chase him down to find out the status... now, he's "skinned" our forum, and says he doesn't have time to finish the project. No coding has been done, and the forum skin isn't even finalized. He said I should hire a freelancer to finish it up for us. We're two and a half months into this, and in this amount of time, I could've easily accomplished the same thing in Photoshop. He won't refund our money, and it's looking like PayPal may not do anything about it either. Looks like I'm going to have to take legal action as well. Anyone have any other suggestions as to who I should look to for our site to be finished?


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              I hate to diss on a forum like this but it may help someone out in the future. Ref the above - I would indeed stay away!

              Presently, I (along with several other customers) have been left in the dark after paying for premade styles which were not downloadable. We've all tried email, forum some for days others weeks and the owner won't reply to anyone. Most recent posts I have read explain how they have logged a complaint and demanded a refund through PayPal.

              I gave a final email to sales today giving them 24hrs to release my themes download or send them to me before I too start the process of refund.

              I wish I had done my reasearch better but with activity on and because he answered my initial prepurchase question on their forum satisfactorily I didn't suspect any issues.

              What a disappointment...


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                I've never had a problem with them and I've seen some high quality work come from their shop.
                You can't please everyone all of the time, there are time were no matter what you try to do to help the client, they will still be mad.
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                  Purchased a skin a few days ago from them and nothing apart from the serial number which is not much good if I can't d/load the skin. . No response to my coms and Paypal don't refund on 'non-tangible' goods. Avoid like the plague.


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                    Can someone tell me a skin expert that i can hire to fix template issues.


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                      You've three options, post either in our templates forum here:

                      vBulletin Templates, Graphics & Styles

                      On's forums:

                      vB4 Design and Graphics Discussions

                      ...or here to request someone do this for payment:

                      Requests for Paid Services

                      Vote for:

                      - *Admin Settable Paid Subscription Reminder Timeframe*
                      *PM - Add ability to reply to originator only*
                      - Add Admin ability to auto-subscribe users to specific channel(s)
                      - "Quick Route" Interface...


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