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How do Admins manage banned users who reregister again & again ...

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  • ubbuser
    It's a fricking proxy server IP that's the prob.

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  • Joe Gronlund
    ban their IP as long as its not a proxy.

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  • Skeptical
    Don't un-ban them. At the first sign of their return ban them again. 4-5 times is way too many times for forgiveness if you ask me.

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  • How do Admins manage banned users who reregister again & again ...

    Hi I have a few users who are obnoxious to other members. These members complain like kids (well,they are teens).

    After repeated warnings they have gotten banned. But they then beg and beg, and register other accounts and creep in. So my mods and myself and another admin decide ok fine let's give him another chance.

    But there is no change the member is obnoxious again and gets banned again. This ban, unban routine keeps going on for 4-5 times, and then ends up in IP ban, user ban etc.

    Now the user is begging for forgiveness and all that crap and wants in again. Shoots off 3-5 emails to the webmaster and other members.

    So the question is, how do you guys manage such deranged crackheads who swear they cannot live without the forums etc.?

    These are basically teens with cable connections and nothing else to do, mind you.

    I am thinking along the lines of a restricted group to test them out (as someone else suggested here) for a few weeks and then give them normal access slowly.

    Any other suggestions? IP bans etc. don't matter for these crackheads as you all know well.

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