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Finally Upgraded to vBulletin 4!

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  • Share the Love Finally Upgraded to vBulletin 4!

    Was still running 3.8 for the last couple years and finally bit the bullet and upgraded to vB4 I wasn't sure where to put this post, so I am posting here in Chit Chat, admins feel free to move to an appropriate area.

    Anyway, I want to do a minimum of customization this time, and just coming up with a game plan, looking for any advice and suggestions from you rocking vB gods., you can see I have vBSEO installed.

    1. Get a decent logo. I like the gradient on the logos for this forum, any suggestions for a simple/free logo design tool? Maybe Inkscape? [UPDATE: Did some work on the logo, not happy with it yet, but at least I'm learning Inkscape.]

    2. Install Ads - should I use the vBulletin default Adsense and Skimlinks or something else?

    3. Re-enable the CMS and insert tons of content, there is a sister site / e-zine so I should have plenty of content to summarize and link to...

    4. Go Mobile. I have Tapatalk installed and will install Forum Runner next. Or should I look into the vBulletin Mobile Suite? What does that do? Should I do all three? Or don't bother with mobile?

    5. Is the Facebook App worthwhile? I'm not sure my forum is big enough to bother with the extra costs of the Mobile Suite and Facebook Apps, although they look fun to play with :-)

    6. In the light blue row across the top where it says Forums, What's New... insert some more words linking to stuff. I have an old dead Wiki (MediaWiki) with some related content, can MediaWiki content be imported or integrated with vB4? I think that would be a good idea for me to resurrect that Wiki.

    Other thoughts? Low hanging fruit for what I should be doing with my forum?

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    vB 4 is amazing!
    I don`t have a vB but I was admin of a brazilian one. With 13 years old I created for test a nulled vB 4.0.5.
    Unfortunately, here in Brazil a license is too many expensive (more than a Samsung Galaxy S).


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      Skimlinks, at least to monetize links is a no brainer- it is just like free money, does not annoy users in the slightest (if you don't use skim-words.)

      If you want to show google ads I'd recommend creating an adsense account and using the built in ad manager so you have total control over the ads, as opposed to the built in adsense integration which is easy but very limiting.


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