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Are you the "mark all forums read" type of person?

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  • Are you the "mark all forums read" type of person?

    Due to personal interest, but maybe there are more people here, who want to know more about this: I think there seem to be two types of forum users. One does hit the "mark all forums read" button regularly, and then starts to check for new topics/posts on the next log in (and reads the new ones). The other almost never uses this button, looks for topics/posts of interest, and then sees on the next log in, if there has been changes to this topic (it is marked as unread again = check it out) or there hasn't (still marked as read = don't read again). Now, what do you prefer?

    Are you the "mark all forums read" type of person?

    While writing this, I just realize that there might be a third type of person: Subscribe to everything and then check subscribed topics. But this should not be taken into account here, I am explicitly interested in your usage of "mark all forums read".

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    In between... I click the Mark All Forums read button occassionally. However most of the time, I just leave things as they are and let topics get marked read naturally.

    I am also definitely a subscriber. Subscriptions are the best way to handle updated content.
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      I rarely mark all read, but have done so occasionally.

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        Almost never.


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          Not realy.
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            Doing it every time, like before posting here now.

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              Originally posted by Yves Rigaud View Post
              Doing it every time, like before posting here now.
              I usually click it before I leave the site to see what's new on my next visit.

              I already thought I am the only one using this very often... Thank you Yves, now I feel better!


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                I do every time I'm done browsing the site.
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