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  • Generating More Site Traffic

    Ok this is how desperate I am. My forums have been re-worked so many times. It started with computers, and was quite popular, until I found out that the popularity was coming from people getting onto the topic and requesting warez. So I changed it to computer help, and it died very very quickly. Now I have it to multi-various topics to interest many different people. But it has been brought to my attention that I should set one main topic as the thing, such as computers, or something, and work with it from there. The only problem is, I don't want to do computers b/c there is already tons of them out there. My group and I (mods and admins) have been thinking literally all lday of topic ideas that would not only bring people in, and make people want to post, but are also popular. This is what we've come up with so far:

    Ok well that didn't take long to write, shorter than I thought actually...I'm going crazy, b/c I'm paying for the site, in more ways than one, hosting, vBulletin (granted only once per year), and other stuff for my site, however, I'm getting nothing out of it. If some people could post some topics that would be possibilites for generating a good site, I'd be most appreciative. This is how desperate I'm getting.
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    Team up with other popular sites that may not have a forum. Offer them a "mini forum" within your website. has a ton of great articles that will help you out as well.

    Good Luck!
    Jason Miller


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      I put this picture on my site and i got 200 hits in 2 hours

      Use it well...


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        hahahaha that's great!


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          Do you offer anything unique?

          A community should be interested in a specific unique theme, something in common that brings your members together.

          I would recommend targeting your site to one specific topic that you like, enjoy, beleive in, and know a lot about.

          My first impressions, you are trying to appeal to too many groups (Computers, Military, Automobiles and Entertainment. That's just too wide a scope to cover. Even each of these topics is too wide.

          Do not worry about the initial size, if you build it, they will come Just make sure you are focused on a specific , uniqye topic. Once you have that, it's all a matter of time, word of mouth, reciprocal links, and SE listing.

          Just my $0.02
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            Ya know dude, a lot of people including you have told me that, and I agree. But computers (which I know a lot about) is over-rated, there are too many computer-related forums. I'm also a big military brat (the military forums are my idea...) But I'm not getting too much approval from my senior mod who started with me. He likes the idea, but doesn't think it will bring in a lot of site traffic, which is the main thing I want. Site traffic. I want people to come, join, post, tell others, and repeat the cycle. I know alot about the military, I'm in part of it, and so it's my life. But I don't want to do it if it won't generate site traffic. Anyway, thanks for the tip!


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              most of my traffic comes from my gaming clan. gaming clans are a perfect example of a self-sustaining community... nothing is required except the company of others.

              lol @ that pic


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                My forums are also usually empty, and people rarely register. They come to the site, read the news, read the interviews, and leave. I think I have done a pretty good job of promoting the forums on my main site, and guests are always browsing it, perhaps they don't see anything interesting enough to register~i dunno...


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                  My forums have picked up a lot since they opened months and months ago. I am just hoping for more traffic and active users.


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