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and you all thought VB was expensive.....

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    Their advertisement promotes theirproduct without showing it:
    I buy 420 forums


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      I'd hope it comes with something like a guarantee that it'll have 100% uptime for that money.

      Mind you, big companies like that will demand that it work, no matter what. With a small self-managed community like many end users, having the site down for a few hours or a day wouldn't be a big deal.


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        A really big company, will scoff at vBulletin, and pay the thousands of dollars to never worry about anything.


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          Lithium is aimed at the big dogs, medium to large corporations, not your average Joe.
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            Originally posted by Zachery View Post
            A really big company, will scoff at vBulletin, and pay the thousands of dollars to never worry about anything.
            Exactly, and for that price you can hire a couple (or few?) semi-gurus to keep it up and running, which they do, no doubt.

            It seems to me that vB does all right with more customers paying less ... it certainly seems like the support is decent, although I doubt you've got as high a Porsche-to-employee ratio as Lithium ...


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              "and you all thought VB was expensive....."

              You mean it isn't...

              Lithium is expensive in comparison, but it is aimed at large corporations, which wouldn't give vBulletin, IPB or Xenforo a second look.

              Look at what you are pay for...
              • 1. Free bugs
              • 2. Maybe we'll fix that at some point
              • 3. A few more bugs won't hurt here and there..
              • 4. Oh wait, we did promise by 4.1 we would update the AdminCP, nevermind we'll just keep it the same - easier that way.

              ..and the latest I've been hearing is vBulletin is being compared to Microsoft products due to receiving the name of 'bloatware'. Hmmmm, wonder where they got that idea from.


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                Sorry to bump an old thread but I think Lithium needs defending here o

                Lithium is aimed at companies that have a £1000000 budget for support solutions, and support suites. Implementing a lithium forum could bring that down.

                I use LOADS of lithium forums (2 actually), and I love them. The features I like the most are:
                • Kudos
                • Solutions
                • SSO
                • Leaderboards
                • Idea Boards
                • Their good PM system
                • Social Intgration is second to none

                So, worth the money - especially with the hosting. If only I could afford it....

                Mum - win the lottery!


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