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  • Do You Have a "nice" voice?

    Firstly. I hope Im allowed to post this without getting in trouble..if not appologies in advance - you all know me, Im not a spammer


    No Im not on the look to pull

    Im looking for a person with an English Accent to do a couple of voice overs for a new internet radio station myself and a few others are about to launch. (Eg, the station name, website address and a few others).

    We do have a budget, its £0 so if anyone did help it would be a purely "out of the kindness out of your heart" kind of thing, and you would get a mention on the site and of course a big thankyou .

    So Basically, heres the criteria:
    [list=a][*]You Must have a English Accent[*]Be willing to do upto 4 voice overs stating the station name, web address, telephone no and email address.[*]Do it for a thankyou and a link on the site[*]Gender is no issue[/list=a]

    So Thats it really.

    If your interested you can email me using the link on this post or contact me via ICQ which is also stated in my profile.

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    my voice sucks, i mean it , it does
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      i have a barry white voice and a tooth pick body. it's pretty funny.

      need a thick california accent?


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        Ive got someone who might be intrsested in this - BRB


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          I have a crap voice. My voicemail msg sucks.
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            I sound like a celine dion with larengitise lol, however you spell it
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              I have a Scottish accent its right next to that place called England
              Scott MacVicar

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                clearing throath

                deep breathe..

                MOoooOo ..

                How about that

                No sorry.. my voice is so bad, I type! I dont have a voicemail or something like that.. and I hardly talk to people (ah, maybe that is why i have a forum!)


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                  I have a good voice, it's deep, but I can also get it high if I need to. I love my demon voice, scares the crap out of everyone when I do it
                  Need a job done? Get in contact with me and we'll see what we can work out.


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                    I always get told I have a Radio Voice when I'm talking to people on the phone.

                    I can *do* a decent Brit accent (though who would want to is beyond me), butmy natural accent is a funked up mixture of Southern, Chicago, New Orleans with just a hint of my original Brogue (especially when I'm drinking)


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                      I've done voice overs before... Professionally and for personal projects.

                      I have a nice voice... I've been on the radio before, doing a guest spot.

                      I can do a Brit accent, I'm of British decent (as well as Welsh, Irish, Scottish, French), and I've traced my family tree all the way to the kings and queens of Britian.

                      Geesh...and Nick didn't even think to asking me...


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                        English accent? Whats that?

                        Me, I've got a Geordie accent but then you could have a Cockney accent, a Scouser accent, a Manchester accent, a Brummie accent, ok midlands doesn't have an accent , or a Cornish accent! oooh arrrrrrr

                        BTW if you are looking for a English accent as appears on American TV forget it. Those people do not come from England!!!

                        how man ah nevor taak funny me!
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                          i have a barry white voice and a tooth pick body. it's pretty funny
                          LMAO! Tell me about it.

                          My voice is, by nature, very baritone. But when I get a sore throat - watch out! It drops to levels that put James Earl Jones to shame. Whenever that happens, I always get people telling me "what a nice voice I have" or how I "should be on the radio, or something".


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                            my voice wasn't always like this. my sophomor (sp?) year in HS i was the highest 1st tenor in my choir. i could sing a high C with ease . mid way through my junior year i was singing low bass. low D was usually comfortable... sometimes low C.


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                              Originally posted by Mark Hewitt
                              BTW if you are looking for a English accent as appears on American TV forget it. Those people do not come from England!!!
                              I wasnt

                              Tonya...I didnt even think of you

                              Well Ive got one person who has contacted me about doing some, and I think i might need to be nice to Tonya

                              Thanks for all your offers everyone


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