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  • vBSEO

    Does anyone know if they closed their site. I can't seem to get on the site.

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    I am seeing a database error when trying to visit the site.


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      VBSEO support VB5 ?


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        Not that I know of.


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          I think they may be out of business. Their toll free number is no longer in service. Their live chat is also no longer in service. It would have been nice of them to inform their customers that this was happening.


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            1. I can access the site just fine.

            2. There is limited staff activity on the peer-to-peer support forum, although from time to time someone will pop in to answer a question or dispel a ":vBSEO is out of business" rumor. See for an example of a staff reply April 12, 2013.

            3. They are still responding to support tickets.

            4. They have said they are working on a vB5 version but that they will not release a vB5 version until a stable version of vB5 is released. I think anyone visiting can agree that such a version of vB5 does not yet exist. vBSEO argues that it is pointless to release a version now given that there will need to be an unknown number of code changes made by vB before they achieve a stable version of vB5.

            5. They are still selling new licenses.

            6. vBSEO is not (yet) out of business. However, if vB doesn't get their act together, there may well be no need for a vB5 version at all because the only ones left running vBulletin will be running 3.x or 4.x.
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              Page is partially back up for me... The purchase page looks fine. Probably just technical issues.


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                Its dead jim.


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