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How do you stop members fighting?

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  • How do you stop members fighting?

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but I would welcome a lot of debate on this topic - how do you stop your members fighting?

    I run an ex-military website ( and as member numbers have increased, so has the exchange of views which can get very nasty indeed. Personal attacks, etc, which make the forums rather less than light-hearted.

    Has anyone got any hints and tips as to how to handle these kind of situations where nobody in particular is to blame, but each member of the exchange bears some responsibility.

    Due to the semi-commercial nature of the site, such exchanges does not bear well.

    Any thoughts?


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    How do users fight ?

    Normally when there is a thread, and users start to 'flame' or 'troll' eachother, it is the job of the moderator to post an official warning to the user(s) involved. And remind them of the forum rules and the netiquette. And if by the second warning inform them of the concequences like a ban from the board or the whole web site.

    If it goes further then this, and one user if abusing its priveledges to e-mail others or private message them (swearing or attacking them through email/pm contact) then take away their priveledge.

    Add a new user group to your board that almost has the same rights, just without those priveledges and inform this user that due to his misbehaviour, those privledges have 'temporary' been removed.

    If all fail, ban the user from the site, by username, host address and E-mail.

    If your 'user problems' are different then above, please explain here in more detail.

    It is a shame that there are always users 'screwing' things up on a project! If your number of users increase, it is a need to take more drastic measures against users. Otherwise the board will run wild. This is where 'moderators' come in very handy!


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      close thread
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        i usually post a warning to all people involved and then lock the thread.


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          We have a forum called Fight Club...

          Any flamming a person wants to do, should be taken there... If we get a fighting thread in another forum we move it there, and we usually make both of the people, or how ever many people who are fighting, look like complete idiots.....


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            It never really happens to ours all that much. I guess that's one of the things making it dead lately.

            But when it does happen, if it's not too bad, a warning is given... if it continues, or if it's REALLY bad it gets locked, and maybe later moved to the Bad Stuff™ forum.


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              It's a common problem and one that always seems to increase the longer a thread goes on for.

              The only solution is to have a moderator who reads every thread and it ready to come in with a post to say 'calm down' if necessary and to send a polite PM to members telling them to cool it.

              If that doesn't work it's a case of closing threads or deleting posts. Again this is very labour intensive so you need dedicated moderators!

              Had one recently when a thread was closed to due abusive behaviour but the members eventually persuaded me to reopen it. It then proceeded into a discussion of who was at fault for getting it closed! It was locked up tight again very quickly.

              One of my pet hates - I have many!!, is when you close a thread and then they post another with the same title and 'Part 2' on the end

              Another is where you send them a PM and they don't reply by hitting reply on the PM system, nope, they post their reply on the forum, which just gets deleted and more warnings have to be sent.

              OK I'll stop as it's turning into a rant
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                Good to hear I'm not the only one with these problems!!

                I have done pretty much the same as everyone else - looks like we're all handling it in a similar way.

                If anyone else has any ideas, please add them here - would be good to see all possible avenues of action,




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                  We had a thread in my Debate forum that got like that. It just turned into one side cursing at the other side. I closed it, people got mad, but they will live.

                  One thing we did to fix it was to create a Flame Room forum where people could go flame other people (jokingly) and no one would get mad. It really worked. Check out my sig for a link to my board.



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                    Can't get into your board unless I register
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                      How do you stop members fighting?

                      post a good joke in between their fighting usually lightens things up if not a stiff warning
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