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Was I too harsh...

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  • Nafae
    yeah I thought it may have been too harsh... perhaps just deleting his usrename heh. I dunno..

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  • bromyaur
    Banning may, and I repeat MAY have been to harsh. I guess you could have posted a message for him to post relevant topics or risk being banned, then see what happens in the next post.

    But I find with members like that they are trouble waiting to happen, think of it this way first post and it's something like that. Do you really want this person as a member anyway?

    Here's my situation. I have a new board open about a month now, I had 19 members, the 20th registers and the first post is "does anyone have a serial number for ... Preferably from a sexy guy" I do not tolerate piracy and requesting a serial number is not allowed either. I ban her, remove her from the member list, ban her email account and delete the thread. I don't regret this either, I will continue to have a zero tolerance toward software piracy ( I have spent thousands on my graphics apps and have no use for the pirates). I have since placed an announcement in all forums stating that requesting serial numbers, cracks and any other piracy related posts will not be tolerated and will result in immediate, removal of the post, member and a banning. So now they have been warned and the results of such posts lie solely in the hands of the ones who post them.

    What I can't believe is with such a small board as mine I am already getting these posts and having to ban someone, a sign of things to come, I hope not.

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  • Nafae
    started a topic Was I too harsh...

    Was I too harsh...

    I am new to this whole website moderating thingy, so I was hoping someone could tell me if I was being too harsh.

    Someone registered on my boared and posted this:

    (not bad just horribly annoying)

    What about the ponies. I mean come on, sure you have your rpg games, you even have mmorpg updates, but I have found a copmlete lack of information on ponies. Is this incompetence Naf? I mean really you need to get it together here, where are your priorities at, games or ponies? Okay and lastly... FORM OF THE PONY!!!!!!!!11121!!!11! the pONy wiLL kLill YOU aLL aNd eaT u aliVE afTEr It fLAys u AND bITeS U cUZ PONIES HAve CAaMoFLAUGE anD u DONT. and pony eat u BECAUSE pONY mADE oF STEEL!
    pony KILL U in FiRE

    Then they posted a followup:

    oh yeah and i love ponies, and i love donkeys, and sometimes the donkey says i love you too, and then i say i love you pony an dit looks at me and i look at it and hten it bits my hand.
    and i dont forgive u for no ponies on this site

    I replied:
    Find something better to do with your time. -Thread closed.

    then deleted his username... he messaged me over aim and appologized so I unbanned him etc and let him reregister, was I being too harsh? Typically if the board wasn't mine, i would just flame him to high heavent, but obviously I am trying to maintain the highest air of professionalism

    WHat do you think
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