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Claiming My Content Belongs to them, Will not remove, Help?

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  • Claiming My Content Belongs to them, Will not remove, Help?

    There is a Vbulletin forum I would go on, and recently I have decided to leave because of the owner of the forum.
    I removed my content (edited my posts to say removed),but I went back today to see if one of my friends had wrote me back in PM.
    I noticed the owner had taken my content and re-posted it from her account, and didn't even give me credit.
    I asked her to remove it and she claims, because I posted it on her site, it belongs to her.
    Well, nothing in her TOS or Rules say that my posted content belongs to her.

    Her responses to me asking to take down my content;

    We've discussed it with my lawyer Toxic. If you'll read over our terms and conditions once you post something in a forum it becomes ours to use aswell as yours
    Actuallly we do. Many sites do not allow users to take things down yet we have allowed this. Fortunately I do have a right to post it as I have discussed with my family lawyer.
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    If you have any issues with the rules feel free to contact any staff member.
    Site name has been *************.

    And it is also against vBulletin's TOS for her to have it posted.
    Posting, providing, transmitting or otherwise making available any materials or information infringing on the rights of a third party
    Sorce ::

    I would just like to know what I can do to get my content removed from the forum.

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    It's very likely you can't. Why do you care? The content on most websites, including user contributed messages on forums, is copyrighted and can be used by the owner of the site. If you don't want your words posted on a site, don't post them. You give up the rights to those words when you click the submit button.

    The TOS of vBulletin does not transfer to other websites and vBulletin has no control of the content you may have posted on another forum.

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      I care because it was an interview done by me, for myself.
      I posted it on the forum to share, it wasn't transferred to another forum, but when I took it down, they put it back up, I asked them to remove it, they refused banned me.
      I don't believe something I worked hard on should be taken and called someone elses.

      Would that work the same with art? If I post artwork on deviantart, do I lose all rights to it too?


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        You are giving us only one side of the story. You've redacted any mention of the other site and provided no link to the content in question so that we can give you a more considered opinion.

        If my post was helpful to you, please take the time to register at my forum and ask a question you've always wanted to know about floors.


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          Well if Im aloud I sure can give you more information..

          Link to copied thread
          Link to my original

          They have deleted the thread where I asked for advice on why they wont remove my content.


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            Also the part at the bottom "Thanks to toxic rainbow kisses for organising and producing this interview. Great job." Was edited in after I had posted and they deleted my comment.


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              Ok, well this site you are posting on now cannot help you. This website is for the vBulletin software, which thousands of sites use.

              Any contention you have with a specific site and their management, needs to be handled by them. Or if they refuse, take whatever legal action you deem appropriate.

              We can give you public opinion, but that is all.

              (And PS, as a forum owners, we can make our own policies as to the ownership of content posted. If you posted on a site that I own, the content becomes property of the site. We will however honor requests to remove certain personal information points, where it applies. This is something that is clearly stated in the joining process and the membership email that is sent after confirmation.)
              To be updated...


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                Publishing on forums only provides siteops the timelimited permission to store, publish and display your content for as long as youve not recinded that authorization. A recourse usually is made available based on necessity, reasonable and justified grounds (such as for removal or archiving of select few articles).

                Given youve recinded your authorization, you should be able to file a dmca takedown notice and send it to his webhost. If he does not take the material down and provide proof for compliance, his webhost should technically suspend his site.


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                  Hey just so everyone knows. I am the owner of said forum.

                  When she made the interview post she said the words "This is an interview for VPU (virtualpetuniverse) done by slash. This is for vpu"

                  Also in our TOC we claim we have the right to "repost" any info.

                  Shes actually given us permission to use when she told us this was for "vpu" . I'm not sure how she can dispute this. Its ours to use on the forum if we wish.


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                    No, no where in that interview does it say it is used for VPU and only VPU, No where did I say it belongs to VPU, I posted in on VPU for myself and other aywas members to see.
                    When the owner had deiced to be rude, and I decided I was going to leave, I took all my content down and left. If the forum owns all the things I Posted, why was the interview the only thing reported and not the review or anything else I took down?


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                      In the above sentence I Ment re posted, Goodness no typing at 6am


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                        the review will also be reposted

                        when you first posted the interview you stated it was for VPU. I'm not saying you don't have writes to use it.

                        IM SAYING WE HAVE RIGHTS TO USE IF WE WISH.


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                          This is not an appropriate discussion on our forums.
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