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Do you know a way to integrate Usenet newsgroups into a site ?

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    nope, don't have to do anything at all.
    Christopher Padfield
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      1) I use (used to be They have several levels of account ranging from $10 to $20 pm. All accounts allow access to their spamkiller server. This, coupled with the filters that can be added to my script should catch most unwanted spam and porn. I'm sure they won't be too keen on my providing access to others, but I've got only got 34 members and I'll look for another solution if it becomes a problem. You could always get the news from a paid account and submit via a free account I suppose.

      2) The cron job can be set to run as often as necessary. Mine is running every 20 minutes. It really depends on how many messages and groups you are mirroring. Locally submitted posts in a usenet forum are queued in a seperate table and sent in bulk as part of the script run.

      3) Yep... that is in place. You can add a customizable footer and also the organization header field can be set to whatever you like. The poster name is the name of the user submitting the post.

      4) Threading was the hardest part. Basically, the order of usenet posts can be determined by the number of references to other message ID's in the header. The script calculates the order of the post in relation to the initial thread starter and will pop them into the local forum at the appropriate time. If a post is received to a message that is not yet available, the post is held in a pending table until the message it refers to appears. If the post does not appear after a configuable number of days, it is deleted from the pending table. Make sense? One other thing that I did is a add new field in the posts table that is used for ordering of usenet forum posts. This allows for 'out of order' dates due to delayed propagation of articles across usenet. The end result posts in perfect order... trust me

      5) Any posts that are deleted will not be re-downloaded. This is because messages due for download are tracked by the message number maintained on the usenet server. The script will start downloading from where it left off. One side effect to this though is that you will be unable to easily switch usenet servers without checking and resetting numbers.

      Hope this helps. It will of course, all be documented in the release.

      Sharg, all you questions will also become clear. - British expatriate community


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        thanks, you are very kind to both release this and answer all these questions, i hope i can help you out similarly in the future...

        Final things:

        -- The change a news server problem, what would you actually have to do to change a news server in regards to post updating. It is even going to be possible or would the program have to start from the beginning again?

        -- Vb 2.0. yup, this is a problem. All the thread and post tables are going to be changed and probably a few other things that are going to be relevant. Are you planning on upgrading (i hope so) and will you bring the mod over with it (i dearly hope so) !.

        Final thing,

        when you send a message to the newsgroup what do you actually send in regards to user info, their username i assume but what about email? i would hope that this is a config option as to whether is gets sent or not or perhaps just not at all?

        anyway, thanks a lot for this, really looking forward to it, this is one of the "killer features" i was really looking for!
        Christopher Padfield
        Web Based Helpdesk
        DeskPRO v3.0.3 Released - Download Demo Now!


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          I will definately be making it work with version 2.

          At the moment, the script will only post the posters username and whatever you configure globally for the footer and organization. No email or any other info is sent.

          If you change news servers you need to access the newsserver using XNews or some other program that allows you to see message numbers (NOT message IDs) and manually compare messages against what you have. Then set the message counter on your side to match the last message you have on the usenet server. Not a big problem if you only have 6 or so groups. Maybe I'll look at adding an option to catch up by date or something.

 - British expatriate community


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            thanks, that is fine - i thought we might have to do it for each thread (yuck) but just finding the latest thread you have and the id for it is fine. I assume then that when posting back to the newsgroups it dosen't use this id you are talking about as otherwise what happens if someone posts on a thread from your old newsgroup provider after you have moved to another, is that going to be a problem?

            Glad you are doing it for vb 2.0, it will be my first hack to install although i would also love to see the 1.4 one when you have it ready.
            Christopher Padfield
            Web Based Helpdesk
            DeskPRO v3.0.3 Released - Download Demo Now!


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              fastforward, what you did with your board is fantastic. I hope one day this will be included to Vb (as an option).



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                I have to say this is great, infact im gonna ask my users if they want this and then add it.

                Couple questions.

                If I add it now, will you add an upgrade script for v2?
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                  Is there an up-to-date place to find this script?



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                    Motorsport Forums


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