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Thousands of websites infected by SQL injection attack

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  • dfcrone
    I wish it were a joke, it brought my Vbulletin site down 2 days ago.. I was running a 3.x board but tonight am upgrading to 4.12. I knew it was an injection sql thing.. I traced it back to a Russian Botnet. I t also screwed with my Wordpress front end as well and I had to re-install.

    This is no joke.

    One night the site was running fine. (3 days ago) then down it went. We had seen an increase of Spammers trying to get in. I guess one of them did.

    Oh well it's forcing me to upgrade, but also have to delete all posts as well as users from the last 2 weeks.


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  • Ramsesx
    They report maybe "millions of sites" are infected... and most or all using Microsoft SQL Server 2003 and 2005.
    April fool?

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  • Loco.M
    interesting, is it related to the attack this week?

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  • Thousands of websites infected by SQL injection attack

    Has anyone been affected by this attack?

    Are vBulletin sites likely to be targetted?
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