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  • Advertising your forums

    Just curious to see what approach everyone else has done and their results.

    Have any of you invested in advertising dollars (radio, tv, newspapers, etc) to spread the word of your forums? If you did, was your approach successful in bringing in new active members?

    My current site has been around since 2007 and although it has been doing ok, I feel I could be doing a hell of a lot better in terms of amount of activity and new posts.

    I run a sports forum with a pretty big fan base and I've been thinking of going the radio route. Problem is, if I went that route, radio does not directly put them on my site. If they are in the car they might hear the ad, but they would still need to remember my site, go home, and type in my address.

    Your thoughts and experiences on this?

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    I have done a couple ad campaigns through facebook and found it to be alright. My site isn't really a niche site though.

    You have the ability to target your ads with sports related keywords, age ranges, location.

    Money goes quick though.


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        Seconded for facebook, also set up a 'Fan' page on there with a link to your forums - Plus switch on facebook connect so users can register using their facebook account as soon as they arrive from the facebook advert.
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