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    (Kyle's wife) My parenting website has finally reached 100,000 posts tonight. Just wanted to brag a bit. We have been open for approximately 8 months.

    I must say, vbulletin has been great to us.

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    Way to go! I am about 6,000 posts from that goal and been opened since August . I hope you have 100,000 more posts soon!
    Jason Miller


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      great job!

      i was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing some tips and tricks for those wanting to start a forum. how did you promote it?

      thanks in advance.



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        it's mainly been word of mouth. We have a referral contest going on... and also I have a lot of users that post a lot. We also submitted to search engines, joined top sites lists, etc...

        Also, if you go to some sites that are in the same topic as yours, some have a links page and will add your link to their site.


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          Well done! That first 100k was satisfying for me, too - closing in on my 2nd 100k now


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            we just hit 100 k ,, it took us 12 months..

            now we are on about 700 posts a day so I am hoping it'll be over 300k by next year, hey maybe 400


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              Has the contest thing really worked for you guys? I have a conest right now on my relatively small board, and people just don't seem to be going for it.

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                I am really excited because tonight we reached 10,000 members at SitePoint. I guess the next target is probably half a million posts (we don't add certain types of posts to our post counts).


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                  Well, some people have referred others, but that contest has been a bit slow. So, I've been trying to come up with some other contests for it.


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                    God all mighty 10 thousand members, 100,000 post. Must be nice. I just set my board up about a month ago, finally broke 20 members and 162 posts, about 70 of which are mine. If I break 100 members (that actually post on a regular basis) by summer I will be happy.


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                      Congats Kyle!! I remember sweating my first 100 posts, then 1,000, then 100,000, and I finally broke 1 Mil on Oct 10 that was about 15-1/2 months of posting.
                      Once it starts moving, it snowballs. You should see a slow, but steady, increase in traffic from now on


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                        Wow Martin was just at your site and you do have a large forum with topics that are very diverse.


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                          Originally posted by Martin
                          Once it starts moving, it snowballs. You should see a slow, but steady, increase in traffic from now on
                          you could say that again..
                          aproximately a month ago, we reached our 1'000'000th post (not counting deleted ones), and we're already another 150k higher (aming for 2'000'000 this summer!)..

                          i vaguely remember noticing members being 26k or close to that back then.. closing in on 31.5k members now
                          (yes, of course i'm bragging :P)

                          anyway, i guess we're having an easy time (except for finding ways to fund the bandwidth bill :P), as we're part of a pretty big gaming-network.

                          for others though, the best way is always word of mouth.. word of mouth & regular on-topic discussions
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                          That forum


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                            my vB hit 552,000+ posts it's closed for a few days while VO migrates their servers (and mine) to their new data center
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                              If I closed my boards for a few days, the suicide rate in this country would double!


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