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  • Tough stuff - API's

    Hey Guys, just wondering if you guys could help me out here. The code is pretty complicated (for me anyway) and I have pasted it all here but highlighted the bit that's causing the error in red and emboldened it.
    The error I get is: "Compile error: Invalid qualifier"
    Thanks you in advance for your help

    Public Function dcMozRankGet(ByVal sWebSiteURL As String) As Integer


    Dim sAccessID As String
    sAccessID = Range("M1").Select

    Dim sSecretKey As String
    sSecretKey = Range("M2").Select

    Dim lExpires As Long
    lExpires = DateDiff("s", DateSerial(1970, 1, 1), Now()) + 300

    Dim sSafeSignature As String
    Dim sURLToFetch As String
    Dim sResult As String
    sWebSiteURL = HttpUtility.UrlEncode(sWebSiteURL)
    sSafeSignature = Encode(sAccessID, lExpires, sSecretKey, vbLf)
    sURLToFetch = "" & _
    sWebSiteURL & "?AccessID=" & sAccessID & "&Expires=" & lExpires & _
    "&Signature=" & sSafeSignature
    sResult = sGetData(sURLToFetch)
    sResult = Mid$(sResult, InStr(sResult, """umrp"":") + 7)
    sResult = sResult.Split(",")(0)
    dcMozRankGet = CDec(sResult)
    End Function

    Public Function Encode(ByVal sAccessID As String, _
    ByVal lExpires As Long, _
    ByVal SecretAccessKey As String, ByVal Separator As String) As String
    Dim sAccessExpires As String
    sAccessExpires = sAccessID & Separator & lExpires
    Dim strSig_UTF8 As Byte
    Dim strSignature As String
    Dim objUTF8Encoder As UTF8Encoding
    Dim objHMACSHA1 As New HMACSHA1
    objUTF8Encoder = New UTF8Encoding
    strSig_UTF8 = objUTF8Encoder.GetBytes(sAccessExpires)
    objHMACSHA1 = New HMACSHA1
    objHMACSHA1 = (bjUTF8Encoder.GetBytes(SecretAccessKey))

    strSignature = Convert.ToBase64String _
    (objHMACSHA1.ComputeHash( _
    objUTF8Encoder.GetBytes( _
    Encode = HttpUtility.UrlEncode(strSignature)
    End Function

    Public Function sGetData(ByVal sURL As String) As String
    Dim Writer As StreamWriter
    Writer = Nothing
    Dim WebRequestObject As HttpWebRequest
    Dim sr As StreamReader
    Dim WebResponseObject As HttpWebResponse
    Dim sbResultsBuilder As New StringBuilder
    Dim sBuffer(8192) As Char
    Dim iRetChars As Integer
    WebRequestObject = CType(WebRequest.Create(sURL), HttpWebRequest)
    WebRequestObject.UserAgent = "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.2; .NET CLR 1.0.3705"
    WebRequestObject.Method = "GET"
    WebRequestObject.Timeout = 55000
    WebRequestObject.ReadWriteTimeout = 55000
    WebRequestObject.AllowAutoRedirect = True
    If Not (oCookies Is Nothing) Then
    WebRequestObject.CookieContainer = oCookies
    End If
    WebResponseObject = CType(WebRequestObject.GetResponse(), HttpWebResponse)

    sr = New StreamReader
    sr = (WebResponseObject.GetResponseStream)
    iRetChars = sr.Read(sBuffer, 0, sBuffer.Length)
    If iRetChars > 0 Then sbResultsBuilder = Append(sBuffer, 0, iRetChars)
    End If
    Loop While iRetChars > 0
    sGetData = sbResultsBuilder.ToString
    End Function

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    This is the vBulletin support forums. You are better off posting on a more relevant forum for this.
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      oh visual basic that's years ago but i do remember that error message.The qualifier is the first part of a name in dot notation probably it means you're using a wrong name Text1.Text etc etc check the component names on your vb form


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