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  • vB on Mozilla?

    Anyone else tried it? There seems to be a host of problems with it. Noticably, the form to type one's replies in is extremely small. And when you hit the reply button, it just sort of sits there for an indefinite amount of time (although the post does get, er, posted, you never leave the reply screen). Does anyone know a way around these things? It seems to work fine with most other BB's.

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    a lot of people went to my board with it and no one had any problems...


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      Not here. I use the latest builds to test out my site and vB and dont see anything out of the ordinary. However I do notice a ton of probs with Linux browsers like Galeon, K-Melon and Konqueror. Tables seem out of place for threads, username etc is squished together for some reason.
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        It seems to do it with every vB I tried, including this one. I believe it's the lastest build, too.


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          define latest? 0.9.7 build id 2001122106 which is latest stable release or something else maybe a nightly? as nightlys can and sometimes do suck being completely untested development builds.


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            Using Build: 2002011003 -> no problems here.



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              I came to this forum, because I am having the same issues as the original poster.

              I am registered to about 8 forums, which all use vBulletin. I am not positive about the version, but the TiVo one uses 2.2.2

              On every board, I have the same problems:

              1) The Post Reply box (where I type my message is maybe 40 characters wide (less than 1/3 my browser window, and much smaller than the IE of the same size).

              2) When I click "Preview", nothing happens. It merely says "sending request to"

              3) When I click "Submit Reply", nothing happens. It merely says "sending request to", and will stay like that for as long as I let it (over an hour in the past).

              I frequently open another window, and continually re-load the topic page of the forum I am posting to, and refresh it to see if my message posts. Then I go back to my "Reply" window, click STOP on the browser, then hit SUBMIT again.

              Over and over. Usually, after about 5 minutes and about 15 attempts, it finally works.

              This happens on every forum with vBulletin

              I am using Mozilla 0.9.7 on XP, and it also occures on 0.9.7 on Win2000 (work), and 0.9.6 on Win2000.


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                Just upgraded to Mozilla 0.9.8+ (Feb 2, 2002 build). Testing to see if it posts...

                Note: the Your Reply: box I type in, is still very very narrow...

                (it only goes as far as the line above it, which has the vB code hints, which is the equivalent of 5 Message Icons wide).

                Hopefully this will submit quickly!!!


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                  It submitted in under 2 seconds!

                  Finally, I can once again participate in the forums.


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                    It's nice to see that people actually support Mozilla because it is quite beastly. I think 0.9.8 has been out for a few days (weeks?) now.



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                      What's really bizarre is that it just started working fine for me. o_O

                      I haven't done anything different or downloaded a new version... it just started submitting the topics properly. The form width still bothers me, though.

                      Mozilla is an ok browser... my main gripe with it is that it seems to be a memory hog: If I run it for an extended period of time, it starts to display things improperly and show signs of not having enough free memory.


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                        Did anyone ever figure out how to make the reply form main text box wider? I just downloaded 1.0.1 of mozilla and it seems pretty stable and fast. It's just that form looks funky.


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                          Originally posted by irc
                          Did anyone ever figure out how to make the reply form main text box wider? I just downloaded 1.0.1 of mozilla and it seems pretty stable and fast. It's just that form looks funky.
                          this be done by going to admin cp, styles, modify, text width areas

                          Set NS 6 and NS 4 to 70, at least that works for me


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                            That "works" for mozilla, but then causes problems if any old netscape browsers show up to your site. There is a hack at which I installed on my board. It seems to work fine.


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