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  • Ugh AOL

    I have an abusive AOL member that comes to my boards and spews all over it once a week at least. I ban the user name and they immediately make a new email address through aol's software and sign up again.

    Okay, so I called AOL's community action team this morning (after banning the 6th "member"). They tell me that I CAN report abuse if and ONLY if I use the form at keyword:TOS. I explain to the lady that I can't go to Keyword:TOS because *I* don't use AOL. She tells me "Well, it's your website, you'll have to do something with your site that keeps her out. We won't action anything without proof given through keyword:TOS."

    ARRRRRGH, so short of moderating new members (and chancing her slipping by me) or banning all aol IP's and emails I'm out of luck. God I hate AOL.

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    If your board is anything like ours, you've got a ton of aol members, and I doubt they like this garbage spewer any more than you do. Put them to work for you. Explain the situation, give them the link to the tos and ask them to start complaining. Be sure to tell them how AOL is giving you and thus your community, the run around.


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      maybe you have a moderator that uses AOL ?? or a member in good standing
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        Yes ask your forum members to complain to Aol on your behalf. I'm sure many of your users are just as annoyed by that member as you are.
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          As I understand it, the ISP is responsible for their users. An ISP can get in serious trouble if someone decides to sue them because of one of their members. I've already done this to one member at my board and had his internet suspended. And assuming as big as AOL is they should be taking you more seriously, write them back and let them know that they ARE responsible for their users and CAN do something about them.

          /me hates aol
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