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    Originally posted by BirdOPrey5 View Post
    Obviously significant effort and cost went into this... Does this mean your planned switch to XenForo is still a long ways away? Seems like a lot of work for something that's just going to be up a few months?
    We will take key elements of the new design (which isn't finished, by the way) with us to xenForo. The the cost of the design is not lost when we swap platforms.

    Originally posted by Private_Ale View Post
    if someone was actually paid to do it, they paid too much.
    The Complete vB guys. I couldn't recommend them in all honesty.

    Originally posted by BirdOPrey5 View Post
    Thanks for the calcification. I never noticed the slight difference in name.
    AVSForum have been around a lot longer than us and are a US based AV retailer who happened to launch an AV Forum which took off big style. David Bott (and others) have done a good job with AVSForum, I think.
    We at AVForums are UK based and do nothing but run the forum. We started after AVSForums so have less traffic, but given that we have a significantly smaller market, we will always be so, I think.

    Either way, IB dropped the ball big style with vB4 and nothing I said over a year ago made a jot of difference.
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      Not bad. Not awesome yet. Surely some very cool elements.
      One of the best advancements I see is that you now have a lot of free space on forum index and forumdisplay. You could benefit form this by increasing thread title character limit. Or reduce the wasted space between subforum columns.

      I always found the default forum icons butt ugly. Why not throw them overboard?
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        Originally posted by jscieza View Post

        AVForums is a forum running vBulletin 3.8.2 but now it looks like XenForo in some parts:

        Why? From the announcement:

        Interesting! I wonder how much Kier charges per hour of job. Maybe US$1,000?

        Thank you,
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          Can't actually see the announcement. In fact they have closed it off to the public.

          Yeah looks dodgey.

          New Site New forum
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