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Do you use the validation for new registrations?

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    Originally posted by bromyaur
    I don't use it. I have a new forum with very few members and I want to make it easy for them to jump in and post something right away without waiting for me to read my email.
    You don't have to read your email with email validation. new members can post immediately after they click on the link in the validation email.
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      Not only do I use it, I also have a program running once a week via cron that sends out reminders to activate accounts to people who have not activated in the last week and it also deletes users that have not activated in over 30 days.

      I just preffer to have only users with valid email addresses and only those who are actually interested in being a registered member.

      SUre it cuts down the number of total users, but what good are the users with phony emails.

      This is like a double opt-in email list vs. non double opt-in list. Quality of users over quantity in what I'm after.
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        prince, I don't currently use it..

        For one I think some people are tempted to put in any email as they don't want an email address registered. I know you can turn off admin emails but some people will still think ahh i'll throw in a fake one and not realise it has to be verified. That means a lost member or two accounts and an annoyed member lol..

        also yeah its a pain in the ass.. what if someone wanted to post a q there and then and didn't have access to the email addy they put at that moment?

        all in all i find it best to not turn on email validation.

        i have used it probablly 3 or 4 times when i had an abusive member re re registering diff accounts to make it as painfull as possible for him to mess with me lol

        hope that helps


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          i use email validate all the time because of the topic of the forum and sometimes i use admin require to validate when i have trouble users trying to post, because it always seems that when i get one they bring their friends. My ban list has 30 plus members, and i only have 300 members. I use to have 567 but i just prune it.


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            I have (maybe) a unique approach to this. I require email validation for all new users, so when someone registers they get the email with a link to validate the account. However, I've modified my "Users awaiting confirmation" group permissions to allow those users to still post, so they can post right away even if they didn't get the email, but I'll still know if they've validated the account or not. Seems to work well for me


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              What about problem users you have that sign up for free email accounts?


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                Originally posted by cyo
                What about problem users you have that sign up for free email accounts?
                I've been lucky.... haven't had any problem users at all, and I get very few spam messages.


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                  lucky you

                  if I don't have people trying to sell anabolic steriods I have juiced up system admins trying to hack the server lol.


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